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All TAFE NSW emergency courses offer the hands-on skills and the theory you need, and are taught by emergency and public safety experts in purpose-built and industry-led facilities.

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Disaster and tragedy can strike at any time. Often, it is the actions of one individual that can change the outcome of a situation – whether that be a police officer, firefighter or quick-thinking citizen.

Studying public safety allows you pursue your passion for protecting people and be prepared for unexpected situations in a dynamic career as a public safety officer.

TAFE NSW has a range of courses that will help you start your journey to a career in public safety. Fulfil your dream of working as a fire station manager with the Certificate IV in Public Safety (Firefighting Management) or look at our incredible range of short courses that will help you become a calm, focused leader in times of crisis.

Our public safety courses will teach you to be a calm and reassuring guide during times of extreme stress and disorder. You’ll learn to provide clear, concise information to people, develop incident control strategies, manage multi-team sectors, and ensure the safety of yourself, and those around you.

There are deeply rewarding career choices in public safety, with the most popular being:

  • Firefighting manager
  • Firefighting station manager
  • Media and communications officer

Follow your passion and enrol in the TAFE NSW Diploma of Public Safety (Firefighting Management). You’ll learn everything you need to keep your community safe and begin an exciting and deeply rewarding career.

Disasters play a role in highlighting the importance of public safety in our society. These factors are driving demand for qualified professionals who will safeguard the community, prevent danger and protect the wellbeing of communities.

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Learn to keep your community safe with a TAFE NSW qualification in Public Safety.

From fire risk management, emergency managemnet & response services, the police force and maritime rescue, a qualification in Public Safety can lead to a variety of exciting and highly diverse career opportunities.

Our courses are designed to educate and prepare students to work calmly and efficiently during times of extreme stress and disorder. Through theoretical and hands-on based learning all our courses are led by industry experts.

TAFE NSW offers a range of courses suitable for both experienced professionals and those new to the industry. Learn to provide clear, concise, and reassuring information, develop incident control strategies and ensure safety through unparalleled team collaboration.

If you are courageous and looking to help others, discover how you can make a difference to your community with a TAFE NSW Public Safety qualification.