TAFE to University

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There are many pathways that lead from a TAFE NSW course to a university degree. To see them all, TAFE NSW has created a user friendly Credit Transfer website, where all formal Credit Transfer agreements between us and Australian Higher Education providers is listed.

When you study with TAFE NSW, you'll open up many possible future routes into higher education:

TAFE NSW doesn't only deliver vocational programs – TAFE NSW Degrees also offers a range of practical, niche qualifications including Associate and Bachelor Degrees and Graduate Certificates. 

TAFE NSW Institutes partner with universities to deliver graduate qualifications at your local campus, and there are many integrated programs that allow you to progress from a diploma to a degree.

TPC (Certificate IV in Tertiary Preparation Certificate - national code 10224NAT) graduates gain an ATAR equivalent rank called a Tertiary Entrance Score and can use this score to apply for entry to universities throughout NSW, ACT and across Australia. Western Sydney University and Charles Sturt University both offer guaranteed entry to a range of undergraduate degrees for students who have completed the TPC from TAFE NSW.

A TAFE Statement in HSC Studies will lead students to an award of the NSW Higher School Certificate and attainment of an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) for entry into most undergraduate university programs in Australia.

Integrated diploma to degree programs

TAFE NSW  Institutes offer integrated programs jointly with a number of partner universities. You can enrol in a TAFE NSW course (Diploma or Advanced Diploma) and – at the same time – a related university degree program. Check with your local TAFE NSW Institute for details of integrated programs.

Credit for your TAFE qualification

Credit transfer arrangements are now in place for more than 150 TAFE NSW courses into nearly 3,000 university courses in top Australian Universities. As a result, many TAFE NSW graduates may now gain advanced standing towards a university program, including guaranteed pathway articulations. Visit TAFE NSW Credit Transfer database to see what credit transfer arrangements TAFE NSW has in place with higher education providers for your qualification and the degree you want to do.

Which universities offer credit for your TAFE NSW studies?

TAFE NSW has agreements about credit with universities and higher education organisations in Sydney, regional NSW and interstate. You may be eligible for:

  • Credit for a whole year or stage of a university or other higher education qualification for a whole TAFE NSW qualification (block credit)
  • Credit for having completed a TAFE NSW qualification, including specified units of competency which match particular parts of the university qualification (specified credit) or
  • Credit towards some elective components only of a university degree. These may equate to a whole year of study, but usually not all of the first year (unspecified credit)

You can find out more information about TAFE NSW Credit Transfer arrangements by searching the TAFE NSW Credit Transfer database and tailor your study journey from TAFE to Higher Education. Got a question? Email us for more information.

How do I apply for credit?

The pathways listed in our Credit Transfer Database (https://credittransfer.tafensw.edu.au/) offer detailed information to how to apply, referring directly to Universities and Higher Education providers' webpages as each university has a different way to apply for credit. You will have to provide evidence of your TAFE NSW qualification when you apply for entry or at enrolment.

Please note that many of our higher education partners offer guaranteed entry to TAFE NSW graduates but not all, even if credit transfer arrangements exist and you meet the criteria.

What if no credit transfer agreement is listed for my course?

Where there is no TAFE NSW articulation agreement for either your chosen TAFE NSW course or your chosen university or higher education provider, you may still approach any Australian university to negotiate your own credit arrangement.