Fair treatment

Want to know more about how we select and assess students, or our equal opportunity policy? At TAFE NSW, we're committed to ensuring you receive treatment that is fair and just. You'll find more information in our Higher Education policies and procedures and what to do if you have any concerns.

Disputing academic matters

Are you concerned about anything to do with the way you have been taught or assessed? If so, you have the right to make a complaint which we will act on quickly to resolve.

First, please speak with your teacher, and they will explain how the appeals process works. You can also find more information in the Academic grievance procedure.

Disputing non-academic matters

If you have any concerns that are not of an academic nature, you can also report them. This could include harassment, vilification, discrimination, misuse of personal information, financial matters and course applications.

You should speak to a teacher, counsellor or other support officer who will guide you through the reporting procedure. You can find more detailed information in Non-academic grievance procedure

Protecting your personal information

Legislation protects the collection, storage, use and disclosure of any personal information you provide when your enrol with us.

For more information about your privacy, see Student rights and responsibilities information.