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For students and graduates

In this section you can find an academic calendar, a list of tuition fees for domestic students, information about recognition of prior learning our policies and procedures, and some important forms that students need to submit if changing their study pattern. You can also find information related to graduating from your degree.

Academic calendar

This calendar shows TAFE NSW Higher Education key dates, such as semester start and end dates, and census dates.

Academic Calendar 2016 - 2018

Tuition fees

Tuition fees are subject to annual review. Domestic students pay the tuition fee per subject that applies to the year of enrolment in that subject and not the fee that applied in the student's first year of enrolment.

Schedule of tuition fees for domestic students

International student tuition fees can be found on the TAFE NSW International website.

Recognition of prior learning

Students who have completed other studies in a related field or who have extensive relevant industry experience may be eligible for exemption from similar subjects.  All applications for exemption must be made to the course coordinator and must include supporting documentation. Students should attend class until they are formally advised that their application for exemption has been granted.


TAFE NSW Higher Education has a range of policies and procedures relating to assessment, academic conduct, progression, exclusion, graduation, tuition fees and student grievances.

Download the Students' Guide to Higher Education Policies or access all TAFE policies here.


The forms below are governed by TAFE NSW Higher Education policies and procedures. It is always advisable to talk to your course coordinator if you are thinking of withdrawing or before changing your study pattern.

Other forms directly related to your studies (eg: assessment cover sheet, request for an extension, request to review an assessment result, etc) should be downloaded from your course Moodle.

For graduating students

Graduation ceremonies for the Class of 2016 were held in April 2017. Congratulations to all graduating students. To order photos taken at the graduation go to GFP graduation photography.