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Building and Construction Courses

Building and Construction is a booming industry with many job prospects. Study online for a Cert IV in Building and Construction qualification.

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Building and Construction jobs

Different Building and Construction qualifications offer a range of employment opportunities.

Construction Manager

The Cert IV in Building and Construction qualifies you as a Construction Manager. This role, which is also commonly known as Site Manager or Building Manager, is responsible for running all or part of a construction site. It's a senior level-role that usually requires some industry and project management experience. You will be liaising with other construction professionals such as architects, engineers and surveyors, developing and planning the work program, making safety inspections of the site, communicating with a range of stakeholders and generally overseeing the running of the project.

The TAFE NSW Online learning system ‘Canvas’ lets you study wherever and whenever you like all on your laptop, tablet or smartphone

In fact it’s the only program of its kind that is optimised for smartphone. The easy to use interface has all the readings, course notes, videos and support material for each level built in.

Everything is designed to help you stick to your study schedule, pass the course and upgrade to the career of your dreams. There’s a personalised dashboard for tracking your progress, and a diary to help you manage your study around your everyday life. You can set up notifications on email, SMS, Facebook and Twitter. So you’ll always know when an assignment is due, it’ll even chase you up if you forget!

Want to try it for yourself?

Our Preparing for TAFE Online study short course is designed specifically to help you plan to succeed with your learning online.