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Study online

Online learning gives you the flexibility to study when and where you like. While you won't be going to a campus every day, you'll be able to connect with your teacher and other students in a virtual classroom.

To help you to achieve your learning goals, we offer:

Preparing for TAFE Online study

TAFE Online has a short course, Preparing for TAFE Online study complete with tips specifically for online learners. You can experience the online learning platform (called Canvas) which will give you an idea of how the courses work. 

There are quizzes after the topics to check your learning and to give you some feedback. The course is a 'lite' version of our longer TOL courses, which do have more teacher and student interactivity. Preparing for TAFE Online study gives you a taster to start your online journey.

English language requirements

For all our courses you'll need to have proficient English language and literacy skills. This means you will need to meet minimum English language levels before you enrol.

You should be able to read online material and textbooks, complete written assignments and conduct research independently. Your online study will include webinars (online seminars or meetings), text-based discussions and collaboration.

Talk to us about our online tutoring for help with reading, writing and assignments.