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Environmental sustainability

TAFE NSW will continue to be a community leader in environmental sustainability, by implementing solutions and processes, and applying best practice environmental management, across all facets of our organisation. We recognise our responsibility to the environment, to operate in a environmentally sustainable and socially responsible manner.  We also recognise the need to provide a quality environment in which to work and study.

As the largest provider of vocational education and training in NSW we have a unique opportunity to contribute to a more sustainable future for the people of NSW, Australia and beyond. TAFE NSW is committed to establishing, promoting and maintaining a culture of environmental responsibility across the state.

TAFE NSW is committed to:

  • incorporating environmental sustainability into our governance framework, taking into account our environmental responsibilities, risks and organisational capability;
  • setting and achieving ambitious environmental performance improvement targets, as well as monitoring and reporting both internally and to the community on our efforts;
  • embedding sustainable practices into all teaching and work procedures;
  • actively engaging with staff, students, suppliers, industry partners and the community around sharing and realising our commitment to sustainability;
  • minimising our environmental footprint through sustainable management of resources including land, water, energy, materials, cultural heritage and biodiversity;
  • preventing pollution and minimising waste;
  • introducing more sustainable procurement approaches;
  • ensuring that new facilities and changes to existing ones include sustainability as a core consideration in their design and operation;
  • continually improving and learning from our efforts in working towards environmental sustainability;
  • ensuring our activities comply with all relevant environmental laws and policies; and
  • modelling best practice in environmental management and green skills training as an exemplary corporate citizen.

With TAFE NSW now operating as one organisation we have the opportunity to develop a unified approach to how we drive environmental sustainability. To that end TAFE NSW is currently developing its environmental and sustainability program and this will be released during 2018, building on the great efforts of TAFE NSW staff.