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The Real Estate industry just got an overhaul. So should your qualifications.

The Real Estate Industry reforms will have far-reaching and lasting effects across the industry. Education requirements for a career in real estate will rise by 600 per cent*, with a higher entry level and tougher annual training requirements in the future.

Now is the time to act to stay ahead of these reforms.

Learning and licensing pathways

I hold a Certificate of Registration...

... but wish to advance in the industry to become an agent.

Under the reforms you will be now known as an Assistant Agent – Class III. If you renew without upgrading to a Certificate IV, then you will be required to resit your Certificate of Registration, as it will require extra units of study under the reform.

Your alternative is to enrol in a Certificate IV and save time, money and effort in becoming a fully licensed real estate agent. Enrolling now means you also won’t have to sit the additional units that will become part of the Certificate IV once the reforms are actioned. TAFE NSW is currently offering 3 fully subsidised skillsets in property sales, property management, and property business management to help you complete your Certificate IV in Real Estate faster and cheaper with 15 out of 24 units credited when you complete the 3 skillsets.

For those who want to continue in the industry, clearly the best course of action is to upgrade via the Certificate IV, thereby becoming a Class II Licensed Agent on your next renewal.

Now is the time to act

I'm a licensed agent

All licensed agents will automatically become a Class II licence holder upon their next renewal. However, a current licensed agent also has the opportunity to advance by applying to become a licensee in charge (Class I) upon renewal – an entirely new classification.

Licensees in charge will be the person responsible for key agency matters, such as operating trust accounts and overall supervision of employees. However, Class II licence holders need to apply to become a licensee in charge. To enhance your chances of becoming a licensee in charge, an applicant can complete the Diploma in Property Services (Agency Management) or a Diploma of Business, plus satisfy the two years of industry experience.

Do you currently hold a Certificate IV in Property Services and want to become a licensee in charge?

If so, you can complete a 3-unit bridging course through TAFE NSW and, once done, earn the Diploma of Property Services (Agency Management). This enhances your chance of becoming a licensee-in-charge.

Now is the time to act

I run a Real Estate agency

Currently run an agency and want to upskill your staff?

If so, we offer group training to make sure your sales team stays ahead of the reforms. Because we understand that your business is not always 9 to 5, we work with you to plan timing, location and delivery. Our industry expert instructors can train your staff:

  • part-time
  • full-time
  • on campus
  • online
  • at your workplace
  • or via a blend of all of the above

If your staff need training in order to progress in the industry...

Now is the time to act