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Further Pathways to University

TAFE NSW offers a range of pathway programs that provide guaranteed entry into a number of Australian universities. By developing strong links with many leading universities we're able to offer international students the following entry points to university:

Certificate IV in Tertiary Preparation (TPC)

What is the TPC?

In the final year of high school in Australia, students study for their Year 12 qualification - also known as the HSC. It's often the minimum entry requirement to apply for university. The Certificate IV in Tertiary Preparation is an equivalent Year 12 qualification.

What will I study?

Students who enrol in the TPC course study English language and learning, study skills, team skills, ethical practice in study and information technology.

There are also elective units you can select from these academic areas:

  • English - Literature, Media Studies, Creative Arts
  • Mathematics - General Mathematics, Statistics, Advanced Mathematics, Calculus
  • Science - Environmental Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology, Health
  • Humanities - History, Legal Studies, Political.

These electives may vary across TAFE NSW campuses.

Why study the TPC?

When you successfully complete the TPC you receive a Tertiary Entrance Score (TES). This score is used by the Universities Admission Centre (UAC) to assist universities in making offers of places to TPC graduates.

Further information about the UAC can be found at the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) website.

Find out more about the Certificate IV in Tertiary Preparation.

TAFE NSW to University pathways

Looking for guaranteed credit at Australia's leading universities? The TAFE NSW to University programs provide international students a pathway to enter a Bachelor Degree.

For example, students who successfully complete the Advanced Diploma of Accounting at TAFE NSW can gain entry into the Australian Catholic University and receive up to 1 year credit towards a Bachelor of Commerce degree (a three-year course).

Credit transfer arrangements vary from program to program, make sure you contact us to find out more.

Why choose a TAFE NSW to University pathway program?

  • You'll graduate with double qualifications - a TAFE NSW Diploma and a Bachelor Degree
  • You'll take advantage of lower TAFE NSW semester tuition fees - an affordable way to gain your Bachelor Degree
  • You'll learn high-level academic and applied practical skills
  • You'll graduate with job ready skills that are valued by your future employer

Which universities offer a TAFE NSW pathway program?

What are the popular TAFE NSW to University Pathway programs?

How to apply for a TAFE NSW to University Pathway?

It's easy to apply for a TAFE NSW to University pathway. Simply complete two application forms - a TAFE NSW application form and a University application form.

Apply for a Pathway

Articulation (credit transfer)

TAFE NSW has articulation (credit transfer) agreements with a number of Australian universities. This means your previous studies at TAFE NSW may be recognised by these universities.

In most study areas, TAFE NSW Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas help you gain entry to university and give you between one year and two years credit towards a degree. However, unlike TAFE NSW to University pathway programs these credit transfer agreements don't automatically guarantee you a place at the university.

Find out more about the Articulation (credit transfer).