Additional costs - landing

Additional costs

In addition to the NSW Smart and Skilled Student Fee, concession fee or fee-for-service amount, there may be some additional charges to cover the costs of undertaking your training.

Course-specific costs

  • Essential equipment and other items that become your property for example, protective clothing, chef knives, licence fees
  • An optional charge for an item that is not essential for you to complete your training, for example the Institute may provide florist students with standard flowers however if you would like to use exotic flowers you would need to purchase the exotic flowers
  • An optional charge of an alternative form of access to an item or service that is an essential component of the training. For example a textbook required for the qualification is made available online. If you prefer the textbook as a hardcopy you will need to purchase the textbook
  • Field trips, food, transport and accommodation costs associated with the provision of field trips that form part of the training
  • Any textbook you require to undertake the qualification that becomes your property

All TAFE NSW fees and charges are reviewed on a yearly basis and are subject to change. NSW Smart and Skilled fees are reviewed annually by Training Services NSW.

Protective clothing

For some courses you must purchase and wear a uniform or protective clothing. Entry to the class will be refused unless the required uniform or protective clothing is worn.

You will be given information about protective clothing or uniform requirements at the time of enrolment.