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Our Industry Teams

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At TAFE Enterprise, our Industry Teams work with you to deliver customised training options that enhance your company's competitiveness, productivity and success.

Our teams are aligned to SkillsPoints – dedicated industry hubs designed for training innovation and collaboration.

A new TAFE NSW initiative, there are nine SkillsPoints across NSW, six of them in regional areas, built to ensure we respond to emerging market trends efficiently and effectively.

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  • provide a dedicated industry-specific focus and point of contact for employers
  • design responsive and consistent training across the state
  • prepare employees for jobs for the future, using advanced digital courseware such as virtual reality, animation, simulations and/or augmented reality
  • provide skills pathways to rewarding jobs
  • design bespoke commercial courses that can be delivered where, when and how required
  • are the key point of liaison with both Commonwealth and State industry advisory bodies

Our Head of SkillsPoints lead our Industry Teams and are the experts in developing training that meets industry needs, and business and employee outcomes.



Food, fibre production and processing and associated industries.

Mark Grove

Mark Grove
Head of SkillsPoint

Career Pathways, Aboriginal Languages and Employability


Employment and study preparation, foundation skills, Aboriginal languages and language proficiency.

Eleze Drew
Head of SkillsPoint

Creative and Design Ideation


Cultural, creative, digital media, design, fashion and artistic pursuits and processes.

Jane Fleming
Head of SkillsPoint

Health, Well-being and Community Services


Medical and allied health care and the associated support services; children's services; well-being and fitness.

Helen Cosgrove
Head of SkillsPoint

Innovative Manufacturing, Robotics and Science


The planning, design and production of goods including machinery and equipment, vehicles, textiles, fashion and clothing.

Karen Humphreys
Head of SkillsPoint

Infrastructure, Energy and Construction

Mount Druitt

Construction, building, energy and utilities, property and public safety.

Chris Pracy
Head of SkillsPoint

Supply Chain and eCommerce


Vehicle service and repair, transport, distribution and logistics. Digital and online business and electronic transactions.

Andrew David
Head of SkillsPoint

Technology and Business Services


Financial, commercial and professional services including banking, administration, real estate, leadership, education, local government and public sectors. Technology including: cloud, digital data, communication, digitisation, cyber security and networks.

Geethani Nair
Head of SkillsPoint

Tourism & Experience Services

Coffs Harbour

Provision of services to customers including: food preparation and food service, hospitality, personal services, tourism, funeral services, visitor economy and travel.

Andrea Poletti
Head of SkillsPoint

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