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Make sure your company and employees are compliant with the different laws, regulations, standards, and ethical practices that apply to your industry. These short courses are the fastest and best way to get up to speed.

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Designed to prepare advisers for the FASEA 'relevant provider' exam, which all current financial advisers need to pass by 31 December 2020.

Liquor and Gaming NSW introduced two new higher level training courses, mandatory from 1 April 2019. The new courses are designed to enable frontline staff, licensees and approved managers to access training to support them in their jobs.

Do you require practical first aid skills as part of your job or volunteer work? This short course will provide you with up to date first aid procedures, so you can help others with confidence.

Ensure your business meets food safety standards with the nationally recognised SITXFSA001 Use hygienic practices for food safety and SITXFSA002 Participate in safe food handling practices. Your team will develop skills in hygienic practices and learn how to handle food safely during the storage, preparation, display, service, and disposal of food.

It's essential that all employees working with food are trained in food safety. This training is mandatory for anyone who prepares, serves, transports or stores food, or who handles food equipment or utensils.

General Education for adults to improve their literacy, basic maths and general education skills.