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If you or your team need to train for the ever-growing field of community care, TAFE Enterprise offers a range of comprehensive short courses to give you the confidence and skills you need. From an introduction to mental health to how to proactively manage staff in different situations, we have a course taught by industry professionals that will teach you the basics. Faster.

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This course covers the essential skills for Medical, Health and Community Care business or Practice staff who manage the operation of small to medium sized health care services.

This practical mental health training workshop teaches basic counselling skills and principles to people who are not trained counsellors but may find themselves in a 'counselling role by accident,' needing to support a friend, child, colleague, client in times of stress.

This course provides the skills and knowledge needed to work within legal and ethical frameworks as you provide children with care and opportunities to maximise their potential for future success.

This short course is structured to present an introduction to working with and caring for people with a disability, with a focus on how to communicate and work effectively in Health and Community Services, how to work legally and ethically, and how to contribute to ongoing skills development using a strengths-based approach.

Equip your team with the skills to work with people with mental health issues and work effectively in trauma informed care.

This course has been developed for aged care staff to provide skills and knowledge of correct assistance with medication, risk identification and appropriate referral.

Learn how to respond in an emergency situation, communicate details of the incident and evaluate your own performance.

Learn how to appropriately respond to an emergency situation, perform CPR procedures and clearly communicate details of the incident.