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As technology is rapidly advancing, it is important to keep your team up-to-date with the latest digital skills. Improve your business productivity and efficiency with a TAFE Enterprise short course in Technology.

Whether you’'e a beginner or reasonably experienced, we have a range of courses that can get you and your team ready for business – faster.

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Data security is of paramount importance for any business, and you can learn to secure your organisation's data with a short course in Cyber Security. Learn how to identify and prevent cyber threats and attacks, secure data systems and manage risks as you protect your organisation's most valuable asset.

This skill set has been designed for individuals who wish to become a technician specialising in the configuration and management of graphics user interfaces (GUI).

Microsoft Office is one of the world's most popular software packages, and this course will teach you the essentials that you need to know to get the best from this powerful suite of tools.

Focusing on building your social media, online marketing and digital communications skills, this course will allow you to grasp the basics so you can communicate more effectively online with your customers and clients.

A network is only as good as its weakest point – and often times that point is the cabling that ties networks together. This course provides skills and knowledge to using and mending Coax Cabling for your business.

This course is an excellent introduction to programming concepts using Python to create small practical applications including programs on the Raspberry Pi Platform.