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Mental Health First Aid

Mental health is one of the most important issues facing Australian businesses today.

Affecting 1 in 5 Australian employees, mental health conditions cost Australian businesses $10.9 billion dollars each year through absenteeism, reduced work performance, increased turnover rates and workers’ compensation claims.

With that in mind, it’s clear that now is the time to invest in Mental Health First Aid training – because a mentally healthy workplace is good for business.

Make a real and meaningful difference

TAFE NSW employs over 25 accredited Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) instructors. MHFA courses provide the skills to make a real meaningful impact in people’s lives, teaching participants how to help people who are developing a mental health problem or experiencing a crisis.

Not only will undertaking Mental Health First Aid training help your employees, according to research carried out by PwC, for every $1 your business invests in alleviating mental health issues, it will receive average returns of $2.30 in improved productivity.

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Learn how to help a person experiencing a mental health crisis, such as:

  • Suicidal thoughts and behaviours
  • Non-suicidal self-injury
  • Traumatic events
  • Severe psychotic states
  • Severe effects from alcohol or other drug use
  • Aggressive behaviours
  • Panic attacks

Learn how to help a person developing a mental health problem, including:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Depression
  • Psychosis
  • Substance Misuse

Course outcomes:

  • Participants have the opportunity to become an accredited Workplace Mental Health First Aid Officer. This accreditation lasts for 3 years.
  • Support early intervention for staff with mental health issues, reducing the financial and personal cost of those issues
  • Gain recognition of your commitment to Mental Health First Aid training for your organisation through the MHFA Skilled Workplace Program

Delivery options

Group Training for organisations (12-22 participants)

  • 12 hours face-to-face
  • Blended – online and 4 hours face-to-face

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