>Engage2016 Speakers

Jon Black

Jon Black_2016
Jon Black is the Managing Director of TAFE NSW and will be delivering the opening address at >Engage2016.

David Backley

David Backley

David has recently joined TAFE NSW as CIO, and is based in Ultimo, Sydney. He has an extensive background in global IT leadership roles, including responsibility for many innovative strategies and multi-country implementation projects. In his role at TAFE NSW, David will establish and oversee a broad program of work focused on modernising our administrative systems and enabling new approaches to learning and teaching delivery to allow us to truly be a competitive, market-leading organisation.

Kevin Ashford Rowe_2016

Prof Kevin Ashford-Rowe

Kevin is Director of the Learning and Teaching Centre at the Australian Catholic University and invited contributor to the Horizon Report. He has extensive experience in the strategic leadership, management, development and implementation of innovative and flexible education and training delivery within the tertiary education sector at academic and vocational levels. His thorough understanding of curriculum design and development is supported by an excellent understanding of the ways in which information and communication technology can be applied to the student's learning outcomes face-to-face, online and by distance.

Kevin holds a Doctorate in Education focusing upon the importance of authenticity in assessment, a Master of Education, majoring in the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education, and a second masters in Adult Education.

Kevin will presenting our keynote address: What's new on the technology horizon?

Mark King_2016

Dr Mark King

Mark is an Associate Professor and Director of Educational Delivery Services within the Portfolio of the Pro Vice Chancellor Education at UNSW Australia. As a psychologist and cognitive ethnographer working in the areas of human interactivity and learning, Mark is currently developing sophisticated methodologies for studying human learning within distributed cognitive systems, including an eye-tracking methodology for investigating the co-synchronization of language behaviour and visual perception between persons in learning events. Prior to entering academia, he completed ethnographic fieldwork on numerous research projects in over 70 countries. Mark also worked as an action character actor, stuntman and stunt coordinator on dozens of Hong Kong, Hollywood and international feature films.

Michela Ledwidge Michela Ledwidge

Michela Ledwidge is an artist, director and technologist, redefining the space between cinema and interactive experience. She is co-founder of studio Mod and Vice President, Digital of the Australian Directors Guild. Recent work includes AR/VR/MR consulting and creative R&D including porting Mod's ACO Virtual touring show to room-scale VR, 360 videos for Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority and immersive experiences at the Australian National Maritime Museum and Old Parliament House. She is a sought after advisor to many institutions including the UTS Animal Logic Academy and the Australian Music Centre. She helped design units of study for the University of Sydney, AFTRS, and UTS.

Colin Cardwell

Colin Cardwell

Colin is founder and CEO of Australia's leading game design agency, 3RD SENSE. Established in 2001, 3RD SENSE is a team of technology creatives who create games and gamification projects for some of Australia's and the world's leading brands. Clients include McDonalds, AMP, Westpac, Fox Sports, Coles, TAL, John Holland, Blockbuster, Beiersdorf, Pfizer, Acer, AussieBum and Nickelodeon. The diverse team can handle everything related to play, from strategy, to design, to development across all technology platforms and all the way to distribution, reporting and analytics.

For many years now, Colin has been leading the conversation on gamification in Australia. Respected as an expert in the space, he speaks regularly on the subject. He is also a trained hypnotist, a children's author and a self-confessed nerd who quite likes a good dad joke. Yes, they do exist.

Tina Ghezzi

Christina Ghezzi

Tina is Director of Business Development at Start VR and has extensive knowledge of immersive virtual reality production and experiences. Previously based in the United States, Tina brings over a decade of experience selling branded entertainment, mobile apps and virtual reality experiences. Most recently Tina was integral in growing the VR branding portfolio for a VFX and animation studio, closing large-scale live action and computer generated VR projects with advertising agencies and brands across multiple industries. Clients included US Airforce, American Express, AT&T, Disney and Verizon. Collaborating with clients and bringing their VR concepts to life is what excites Tina the most.

Tyron McGillick

Tyrone McGillick

Tyrone is the Learning Technology Coordinator for North Coast TAFE. His experience in teaching technologies spans back to when the iPhone hit the market, public wi-fi and 3g data were starting to appear outside the major cities and the Internet had started to mature and enter the web 2.0 stage. Tyrone has been exploring and trialing how mobile technologies can successfully be incorporated into the classroom. In 2012 and 2013 he lead the first augmented reality trials in education, featuring the combination of image recognition and geo meshing. Tyrone is currently leading a NCI TAFE pilot using virtual reality for Civil Construction and Dentistry simulations.

Byron Roberts Byron Roberts

Byron is an Online Education Designer with Riverina Institute of TAFE. He holds an honours degree in Industrial Design and a Graduate Diploma of Education, and has a diverse background in the fields of Design, Technology Education, Instructional Design and eLearning. Byron has a passionate interest for bringing together different technologies to develop innovative and practical education solutions that engage learners. His major goal for the future is to develop teaching and learning products, systems and environments with new, emerging technologies and the 'Internet of things'.

David Carter David Carter

David is a passionate automotive teacher with Riverina Institute of TAFE where he coordinates the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) program for the automotive section and specialises in heavy vehicle road transport and marine mechanical technology. He works to ensure all his students use the latest in automotive technologies to develop an excellent understanding of subject content so that they can succeed in their chosen career paths.

David also undertakes remote and indigenous training where he travels to Darwin regularly to train students.

Carmen Vallis Carmen Vallis

Carmen manages learning resources and the Online Learning Support (OLS) site at OTEN and Western Sydney TAFE. She trained last century as an English teacher specialised in teaching English with ICTs. In this century she has been supporting online capability, resource design and development, plus all kinds of web technologies for teaching and learning.

Aimee Andersen

Aimee Andersen

Aimee is the Learning Resource Coordinator for TAFE Australia Civil College, researching and implementing current and emerging technologies to improve delivery strategies and student outcomes for Civil Construction. With a background in IT as a network engineer, Aimee moved into support and training in an educational setting in 2009. Working and living in remote Indigenous communities for 7 years, Aimee supported teachers to use technology to engage students with the 'One Laptop per Child' program in 2010 as part of the NT deployment, as well as training for 400 'green machines' before returning to the NSW North Coast.

Aimee is passionate about empowering and engaging learners in education through technology and is currently heading the Google Apps for Education project with Civil Construction.

Margaret Simpson Margaret Simpson

Margaret is the Manager of Course Completions for OTEN and has extensive expertise in vocational education delivery, education evaluation, educational design and curriculum development. Her professional areas of interest are in Aged Care, Practice Management, Adolescent Health and Aboriginal Health.

Margaret is always on the lookout for new and innovative technologies which improve student outcomes and address completions in an ever increasing complex distance education space. Margaret has lead the pilot and introduction of the iSee virtual world at OTEN and worked closely with the developers of the software. This has resulted in the product being attuned to the specifications and needs of OTEN students.

Connie Ah See Connie Ah See

Connie is a Wiradjuri woman from Wellington, NSW and has been actively involved in language reclamation since 1992. Connie has worked for the NSW Board of Studies, NSW DEC and now for TAFE NSW in the Western Institute Dubbo Yarradamarra Centre. Connie has completed her Certificates I, II and III in Wiradjuri with Christopher Kirkbright and has successfully completed her Masters of Indigenous Languages Education at the University of Sydney.

Sean Mathews

Sean MathewsSean is an experienced Library Technician working at St Leonards Campus with a responsibility of supporting the information needs of the staff and students at Bradfield Senior College. Sean has a passionate interest and extensive involvement in the digital environment and has created a library management database system.

Sean is also interested in emergent technologies and is currently engaged with 3D printing at the St Leonards Campus. He recently demonstrated 3D printing at Bradfield's VIVID satellite event. He enjoys collaborating with teachers and students to bring their dreams and designs into a 3D actuality. The libraries use of new technologies such as 3D printers and VR headsets has allowed him to expand his own knowledge and has bought him closer to his ambition of building his own ironman suit.

Susan Mansley Susan Mansley

Susan is the Manager, Library and Information Services at North Sydney Institute. She coordinates and manages the services of the six libraries in the Institute, including 3D printing services and the promotion and uptake of a wide range of eResources.

Skeeve Stevens

Skeeve StevensSkeeve Stevens is a futurist, virtual reality specialist, international speaker, mentor and advisor to tech investors and tech start ups. Skeeve's particular passion is how people and technology intersect. An entrepreneur, he started VR The World in early 2015 when he saw the potential for immersive 360 video. His company specialises in virtual reality training and evangelism, production consulting, product design and production of specialised content. Skeeve also trains production professionals to work with and interact with immersive technology.

A hard core techie (network architect and engineer), Skeeve has designed some of the most cutting edge network infrastructure in Australia today.

Scott Obrien Scott Obrien

Scott has been an augmented reality (AR) commercialisation pioneer since 2009 and has witnessed AR move from "magic show" to functional use cases. In 2016, via a startup called Humense, Scott is building human to human communication via AR and VR. This takes AR and VR into  "whites of the eyes", "handshake conversation", and changes daily social habit zones (proxemics and relationships). The form of AR and VR this requires is called volumetric video and is more neuropsychologically true than simple 360 videos tapping into neurotransmitter exchanges that effect trust, loyalty, persuasion and bonding and affecting all industries and lifestyles.