Workforce development

We understand that growing your business involves more than education and training for your staff. Our business consultants can help you design and implement a workforce development strategy that underpins your business plan.

We analyse your training needs

Our business consultants can work with you on a training needs analysis.  We look at the skills your workforce has now. Working alongside you, we identify the skills your business will need to meet its strategic objectives. And we suggest a step-by-step training strategy to give your staff the skills to reach them.

The training needs analysis may include:

  • Ensuring your business has the right mix of skills for its plans and strategies
  • Identifying workforce development needs as your business grows
  • Identifying the training needed for new technology
  • Improving how your staff relate to customers
  • Updating skills to improve productivity and competitiveness

The analysis may include interviews, surveys, questionnaires or information reviews.

We can customise courses for you

As well as offering our full range of nationally recognised and accredited courses, we can customise training to suit the particular needs of your industry or business.

Customised training can combine units from various courses to create a program that meets your needs. We can also adjust programs to ensure they cover the precise requirements of specific industries and enterprises.

TAFE NSW has industry experts who can develop training programs to:

  • Develop specific skills (they can also assess staff skills on the job)
  • Improve efficiency and productivity in your workplace
  • Meet compliance or legislative requirements
  • Provide staff with nationally recognised skills and qualifications

Recognising what your staff know

Your staff may be highly skilled and yet have no formal qualifications. We can assess what they know – their previous formal and informal learning, their work experience and the skills they've gained on the job. If they meet competency standards, they may be eligible for full or partial credit towards a nationally recognised qualification.

If we find gaps in what they know, we can work with you to develop a customised training program to complete their skills.

We can:

  • Assess existing skills and knowledge
  • Match skills and knowledge to qualifications
  • Provide partial or full qualifications once we've assessed existing knowledge and skills
  • Identify skills gaps
  • Customise training to address skills gaps

Find out more

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