AMEP Volunteer Tutor Scheme

The AMEP is available to eligible migrants and refugees to learn foundation English language and settlement skills, enabling them to participate socially and economically within Australian society.

The AMEP Volunteer Program is a sub-program of the AMEP. It provides informal language tuition by trained volunteers, on a one-to-one basis, outside the classroom environment.

The AMEP Volunteer Tutor sessions are:

  • one hour per week for AMEP students;
  • two hours per week for refugees during their Settlement Preparatory Program (SPP) hours. The additional SPP hours are in recognition that these students have had difficult pre-migration experiences such as torture and trauma and may need a longer period of learning to benefit from the program; and
  • negotiated between the Volunteer Tutor and the student; with the flexibility to reschedule sessions when required.

Tutors are welcomed to spend as much time as they require with their student. However, when volunteers join the program they make a commitment to meet with their student for at least one hour per week.

Benefits of being a volunteer tutor

People choose to volunteer for a variety of reasons. For some people it gives them the opportunity to give something back to the community or to make a difference to the people in their community. For others volunteering provides an opportunity to develop new skills or enhance their existing knowledge and experience.

When you choose to volunteer in the TAFE NSW AMEP Volunteer Tutor Program you will be:

  • making a positive and personal contribution to the community;
  • gaining rewarding cross-cultural experiences and skills in tutoring;
  • joining a community group of volunteer tutors;
  • interacting socially with new people; and
  • able to attend social functions organised for volunteer tutors.

Additionally, volunteer tutors receive:

  • free training via A Course in Volunteer English Language Tutoring, which includes tasks to develop cross cultural awareness and assist students with their settlement needs;
  • skills training for one-on-one tutoring;
  • ongoing support from the Volunteer Tutor Scheme Coordinator;
  • a monthly newsletter;
  • job satisfaction; and
  • an opportunity to make a difference to someone's life.

Access teaching materials

All AMEP students at TAFE NSW have access to:

  • World Wide English
  • Living in Australia.

These online interactive resources are also available for volunteer tutors to use with their students. Volunteer tutors may also find the accompanying application particularly useful for their sessions. In addition, there are free resources available on the Department of Education and Training page at

Ongoing training and support

The Volunteer Tutor Program Coordinator supports volunteer tutors via regular communication and training updates. Tutors are encouraged to communicate with AMEP teachers if their student is receiving either face-to-face classroom or distance learning tuition.

TAFE NSW values all volunteer tutors' contribution to the program, and we will continue to assist and support you with your work as a volunteer tutor. We also invite you to join our private Volunteer Tutor Facebook group where you will receive ongoing information. This community group will also be a place to engage with other volunteer tutors, sharing tips and volunteering experiences in the AMEP.

For more information, or to join the program as a tutor, please contact us on: