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Temporary visa holder

TAFE NSW Sydney welcomes international students on a student visa. Here are some information to help you on your journey with TAFE NSW.

Information to help you on your journey with TAFE NSW

If you are in Australia on a temporary visa you can apply to study at one of our campuses.

The rules that apply to you, though, are different from those for local students, or international students on a student visa. The way you enrol is different too.

We will only enrol you if a place is available, and you will have to pay fees to study with us. You'll also need to meet any entry requirements for the course you choose. Entry requirements are listed in the course information.

You'll have to pay fees

Most temporary visa holders will pay the fee-for-service charge that applies to your course, and your fees can be paid by instalments. If you studied with us in 2014, and are continuing your study in 2015, you will be charged a pro-rata fee for the balance of your study depending on your visa and the fees you paid in 2014.

If you haven't paid all the fees that are due, we will not give you your results or any awards you may have earned, and we will take action to recover any outstanding fees.

Your visa must stay valid

We will only enrol you in courses that you can complete before your visa expires.

If your visa has no expiry date you can still enrol – but we will accept no responsibility if you can't finish a course because the Department of Immigration and Border Protection requires you to leave Australia.

We check your residency status

You must be truthful about your residency status if you are on a temporary visa – because we will verify it with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. If you make a false claim about residency status, we may exclude you from our courses.

If your temporary visa changes, or the conditions of your visa change, while you're studying with us, you must tell us. If that happens to you, tell the Temporary Visa Holders Officer at your college or Institute about the change.

To study one of our courses:

  • register or apply for the course you've chosen at one of our campuses
  • produce a passport or documentation from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection which shows details of your current visa (we may also accept copies of your documents that are certified to be true)
  • complete a TAFE NSW Enrolment Form indicating your residency status and visa sub-class