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Student Calendar & Key Dates

Find the key dates for enrolment and when semesters starts in the TAFE NSW 2017 Semester Based Student Calendar.

2017 Semester Based Student Calendar

January 2017

Date Day Event
30 Monday  Semester One, Term One begins

April 2017

Date Day Event
9 Sunday Semester One, Term One ends
10 Monday Autumn student vacation begins
23 Sunday Autumn student vacation ends
24 Monday Semester One, Term Two begins

June 2017

Date Day Event
18 Sunday Semester One, Term Two ends
19 Monday Winter student vacation begins

July 2017

Date Day Event
16 Sunday Winter student vacation ends
17 Monday Semester Two, Term Three begins

September 2017

Date Day Event
24 Sunday Semester Two, Term Three ends
25 Monday Spring student vacation begins

October 2017

Date Day Event
8 Sunday Spring student vacation ends
9 Monday Semester Two, Term Four begins

December 2017

Date Day Event
3 Sunday Semester Two, Term Four ends