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Refunds & Withdrawals

To withdraw from your course and seek a refund, you must complete the Withdrawal or Refund Application Form before discontinuing your study.

How to withdraw from your course and seek a refund

To withdraw from your course and seek a refund, you must complete the Withdrawal/Refund Application Form and post or return it to your campus of enrolment.

A different form is used for:

When you withdraw from your course you will be asked if you are deferring or discontinuing your studies.

Deferring your studies means…

You can defer your course up to 12 months from your formal application. If you return to your studies within 12 months, your Smart & Skilled Student or Concession fee will not change.

If you do not return to study within this 12 month period, your student record will be updated to show you as 'withdrawn and discontinuing' your study.

Discontinuing your studies means…

You have decided to end your studies in your enrolled qualification, or you have not returned to study within 12 months of your initial deferral.

If you wish to return to complete your qualification, you will be reassessed against the Smart & Skilled eligibility and entitlement criteria, current at that time, to determine your Student fee or eligibility for a Concession fee or fee exemption.

Not participating/engaging in your studies…

To maintain your enrolment, you need to participate and engage in your assessments and studies on a regular basis, and where you do not, you will be contacted to determine if you are continuing or withdrawing from your studies.

You will be assisted to re-commence your studies, if this is what you request.

If you do not respond to the attempts to contact you, action will be taken to 'withdraw and discontinue' your study.

Requesting a refund

A refund of all or part of the Smart & Skilled Student Fee or concession fee may be given in the following exceptional circumstances:

  • You have overpaid the Smart & Skilled Student Fee or concession fee.
  • You enrolled in a course that has been cancelled by the campus or Institute.
  • You have paid the full Smart & Skilled Student Fee but now receive Youth Allowance or Austudy. NB This benefit must be received within two weeks of the date of enrolment or the date of first attendance at class or participation in training for you to eligible for a concession.
  • You have paid the full Smart and Skilled Student Fee and you have been granted Credit Transfer or Recognition of Prior Learning after commencing your study.
  • You formally advise the campus, before classes commence and with no attendance or participation in training, that you are withdrawing from the course.
  • Students who are members of the Defence Reserves. The Withdrawal/Refund process is outlined in the Student Reservist Support Policy - TAFE NSW.

If you're requesting a refund for a commercial or fee-for-service course, please contact your campus of enrolment for specific requirements.

Apprenticeships and traineeships – special circumstances

If you enrol in an approved apprenticeship or traineeship course without evidence of being an apprentice or a trainee, you will be asked to pay the relevant Smart and Skilled Student Fee for the qualification.

If you subsequently provide evidence that you were an apprentice or a trainee at the time you enrolled, you will be refunded the difference between the qualification level Student Fee and the relevant apprenticeship  or traineeship Smart and Skilled Student Fee.