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TAFE NSW Enrolment Information

From 1 January 2015, if you are a enrolling into and/or completing nationally-recognised training, you will be required to have a Unique Student Identifier (What is a Unique Student Identifier?).

The following is additional enrolment information, including links to details on specific fees information.

Changes to Courses

TAFE NSW reserves the right to:

  • run or withdraw any course
  • hold a course at a Campus other than that advertised
  • alter the times or dates for the whole or any part of the course
  • offer you a new/alternate qualification if the qualification has been updated in line with national industry standards.

If any of these course changes become necessary, you will be advised of the changes and the alternative arrangements which may be available for you to complete your course.

Payment of student fees and additional charges

All student fees and charges are reviewed on a yearly basis and are subject to change.

Your enrolment is not complete and you are not entitled to attend class and/or participate in training until you have paid either the relevant student fee, a concession fee or have been exempted from the student fee.

Apprentices and trainees must provide proof of their status as a registered NSW apprentice or trainee at time of enrolment to be eligible for the relevant apprenticeship or traineeship fee.

You may have the option to pay your student fee in more than one instalment. The first payment is due when you enrol. You will be notified when your second and/or further payments are due.

Refund of course fee on Fee for Service courses

is only due in the following circumstances:

  • TAFE NSW has cancelled the course you were enrolled in.
  • You formally advise the campus in writing at least seven days prior to the start of your course that you wish to withdraw.

For cancellations advised within seven days of the start of the course, no refunds are made, however, a substitute delegate may attend.

OTEN does not offer refunds for courses once enrolled, but a substitute delegate may participate.

For more information about student fees and charges, go to Fees Information

For more information about payment options, refunds and withdrawals, including VET Student Loans conditions, go to Payment Options and Assistance

Behind in paying your student fee, the concession fee or other fees or charges?

The student fees and applicable charges are required to be paid, at enrolment or by scheduled instalment date/s, either by the person enrolled (also including where a nominated 'third party' has not made the required payments), or as identified within a contract for delivery of training by TAFE NSW.

If you have outstanding fees or charges, you will not receive:

  • Testamur
  • Transcript of Academic Record
  • Statement of Competencies Achieved
  • Report to Employer

TAFE NSW may also refer your outstanding fees for debt recovery action.

Temporary Visa Holders and International Learners

Temporary visa holders and international learner enrolled in TAFE NSW are subject to specific conditions. For further information contact the Temporary Visa Holders Officer at the local TAFE NSW campus. For international learner information, contact the International Student officer at the TAFE NSW Institute where you are enrolling.

TAFE NSW academic Credit Transfer

If you have successfully completed the SAME or an EQUIVALENT unit of competency to one that is in your current course, the result from your previous study within the same TAFE NSW Institute can be transferred to your current course and included on your TAFE NSW Transcript of Academic Record.

Your Head Teacher can advise you of the units for which grades will transfer. There may be some cases where it is NOT possible to transfer a grade.


The TAFEcard is a compulsory form of identification at TAFE NSW. Your enrolment is not complete until you have your TAFEcard photograph taken.

Please keep your TAFEcard as it can be re-activated if you decide to return to study at TAFE NSW.

Communication Services - Acceptable Usage

Learners must abide by the 'acceptable usage' policies when using the Internet and email services at If you are under 18 years of age, please discuss these requirements with your parent or guardians to read. Information is available at:

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