Policies and Procedures: Multicultural

Interpreting Policy


Type: Policy
PD Number: PD20040035

1.Objectives – Policy Statement


TAFE NSW seeks to enhance client access to its programs and services through the provision of interpreting services delivered through interpreters accredited and recognised by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI).


Interpreting services include both spoken language and signed language services.


TAFE NSW meets the cost of interpreting service provision for students, intending students and other clients who are:


Enquiring about TAFE NSW programs and services; and


Accessing student support services i.e. counselling, course information, libraries, children’s centres and support services provided by special programs coordinators.


TAFE NSW does not fund the cost of interpreting services in commercial activity other than to comply with reasonable adjustment provisions for onshore students requiring an interpreter due to a disability.


The Vocational Training Tribunal (VTT) is responsible for meeting the costs of interpreting services in trade tests conducted by TAFE NSW for the VTT.


TAFE NSW does not provide interpreting services during training, examinations and other assessment activity except to comply with reasonable adjustment provisions for onshore students requiring an interpreter due to a disability. Institute Directors may vary this in exceptional circumstances.

2. Audience and Applicability


This policy applies to students, intending students and other TAFE NSW clients who are:

  • speakers of languages other than English including speakers of Australian Indigenous languages; and
  • users of AUSLAN.


      Guidelines covering Spoken English and Auslan support this Policy.

3. Context


This policy has been developed in the context of the:

3.2 Document History and Details

Implementation date – 2013-02-05

Web publication date – 15/11/2013

Reference Number – PD/2004/0035/V03

Approval date – 2013-02-05

Approving officer – General Manager, TAFE Strategy

Superseded documents – 2008 TAFE NSW Interpreting Policy – PD/2004/0035/V02

Document History

Main changes since previous version

    • Changes made to reflect new structures and functions in TAFE NSW
    • Guidelines revised to provide clearer understanding of how to arrange interpreting services.

Policy Contact

TAFE NSW Social Inclusion and Vocational Access Skills Unit – 9217 4293.

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4.Responsibilities and Delegations


Institute Directors or approved delegates are responsible for ensuring: 4.1.1

The implementation of the Interpreting Policy – TAFE NSW including the allocation of funds for the provision of quality interpreting services.


The development of local procedures to facilitate implementation of the policy and the related guidelines.


Relevant staff are informed of their responsibilities in relation to the Interpreting Policy – TAFE NSW.


The General Manager, Training and Education Support, through the TAFE NSW Social Inclusion and Vocational Access Skills Unit, is responsible for: 4.2.1

Publication and currency of the Interpreting Policy – TAFE NSW.


Provision of guidelines to support staff with providing Spoken English and Auslan interpreting services.

5. Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting Requirements


The NSW Department of Education and Communities will report on programs and services for students from language backgrounds other than English enrolled with TAFE NSW as part of the Department of Education and Communities Annual Report and through the Community Relations Commission’s annual report on outcomes of the Multicultural Policies and Services Program..


TAFE NSW Institutes and central support units will report annually on achievements.


Training and Education Support through the Social Inclusion and Vocational Access Skills Unit will monitor this policy and report to the TAFE Executive Group on its effectiveness as required.

6. Contact

TAFE NSW Social Inclusion and Vocational Access Skills Unit – 9217 4293.

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