Policies and Procedures: Social-inclusion

Social Inclusion and Participation Policy


Type: Policy
PD Number: PD20120435

1.Objectives – Policy Statement


TAFE NSW provides socially inclusive programs and services to enable students to reach their potential regardless of individual circumstance or background.


TAFE NSW is committed to supporting lifelong learning, enhancing access to education and training, increasing employment pathways and building social capacity.


TAFE NSW officers and units adhere to the relevant legislation and Acts.


TAFE NSW policies and procedures are aligned to the principles of social inclusion and participation, where applicable.

2. Audience and Applicability


This policy applies to all TAFE NSW employees and students.


This policy applies to all programs delivered by TAFE NSW Institutes.

3. Context


This policy applies implementation of Commonwealth and NSW State Government legislation including: 

3.1.1 Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 NSW

3.1.2 Community Relations Commission and Principles of Multiculturalism Act 2000 NSW

3.1.3 Disability Discrimination Act 1992

3.1.4 Disability Services Act 1993

3.1.5 Disability Standards for Education 2005

3.1.6 Fair Work Act 2009

3.1.7 Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Act 1986

3.1.8 Racial Discrimination Act 1975

3.1.9 Sex Discrimination Act 1984


This is congruent with: 

3.2.1 The objectives of the New South Wales Technical and Further Education Commission Act 1990.

3.2.2 The Aboriginal Education and Training Policy

3.3 The following key national and state government equity and social inclusion initiatives underpin the policy: 

3.3.1 Social Inclusion Principles for Australia, adopted by the Australian Government to guide the social inclusion agenda

3.3.2 National VET Equity Blueprint which sets out a plan for improving training and employment outcomes for disadvantaged learners in the national training system by providing leadership for cultural and systemic change in vocational education and training (VET)

3.3.3 A range of NSW-based initiatives, including: NSW 2021 A plan to make NSW number one, the NSW Aboriginal Education and Training Strategy; the NSW DEC Disabilities Action Plan; the NSW Women’s Plan; and the NSW Multicultural Planning Framework

3.3.4 The TAFE NSW Social Inclusion Framework (2011).

3.4 The policy aids TAFE NSW Institutes to meet mandatory Commonwealth and State reporting requirements, as required.

3.5 Document history and details

Implementation date – Semester 1, 2012

Web publication date – 06/12/2012

Reference Number – PD/2012/0435/V01

Approval date – March 2012

Approving officer – General Manager, Training and Education Support

Superseded documents

· Students with Disability Policy – TAFE NSW

· Multicultural Policy – TAFE NSW

· Outreach Policy – TAFE NSW

Document history

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Main changes since previous version

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Policy contact

Director, Social Inclusion and Vocational Access Skills Unit, telephone (02) 9217 4293.

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Subject keywords: Social inclusion, discrimination, anti-discrimination, disability, human rights

4. Responsibilities and delegations

4.1 TAFE NSW Institutes are Responsible for:


Ensuring the objectives of the policy are achieved.


Consulting with local industry, government and non-government organisations and community stakeholders to ensure programs and targeted initiatives meet the parameters of legislation, regulation, and key social inclusion initiatives.


Developing staff capability for inclusive teaching and service delivery that reflect relevant legislation and related policies and initiatives.


Ensuring all TAFE NSW management plans specify Institute performance indicators for meeting commonwealth and NSW targets in relation to social inclusion and participation.


Delivering programs and services that support social inclusion and participation which encompasses teaching and service delivery.


Contributing to the department’s annual report and national and state reports, as required.

4.2 TAFE Training and Education Support, Social Inclusion and Vocational Access Skills Unit is responsible for :


Providing support and advice to TAFE NSW Institutes and central units to implement the policy.


Identifying and disseminating research and other relevant information in consultation with TAFE NSW Institutes and central units, peak bodies, community stakeholders and relevant industry, government and non government organisations.


Developing, with appropriate Institute contacts, key national and state-wide strategies designed to achieve the objectives of the policy.


Coordinating national and state reporting of policy initiatives and outcomes, as required.


Monitoring and reviewing the policy.

5. Monitoring, evaluation and reporting requirements


The policy will be reviewed on an annual basis or as indicated by legislative or targeted initiative changes.

6. Contact

Director, Social Inclusion and Vocational Access Skills Unit, telephone (02) 9217 4293.

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