Policies and Procedures: Disabilities

Students with Disabilities Policy


Type: Policy
PD Number: PD20050194

1. Objectives – Policy Statement


TAFE NSW provides inclusive educational programmes and services through commitment to equity, quality and customer responsiveness.


TAFE NSW aims to ensure that the needs of students with disabilities are met in all aspects of vocational education, training and services offered by the NSW TAFE Commission and that all students have equal education opportunity in the least intrusive and most advantageous learning environments.


This policy is enacted through mandatory procedures underpinned by national and state government legislative requirements.


Key TAFE NSW strategies to meet the needs of students with disabilities in vocational education include

  • The employment of specialised teacher consultants for students with disabilities
  • Policies that promote inclusion
  • Staff development opportunities aimed at
    • Raising awareness of the rights, needs and diversity of people with disabilities
    • Enabling staff to respond appropriately to individual differences
    • Enabling staff to consult and plan effectively and provide best service principles for students with disabilities
  • The provision of
    • Equitable access
    • Information in appropriate alternative formats
    • Flexible delivery modes
    • Reasonable adjustments including within the processes of student application, selection criteria, enrolment, attendance, participation and assessment
    • Quality teaching
    • Specific priority of enrolment as to reflect TAFE NSW’s commitments under the Results and Services Plan
  • Providing inclusive curricula which
    • May be customised
    • Serves the educative needs of all learners
    • Covers the whole of the curriculum process including design, monitoring and evaluation.

2. Audience and Applicability


This policy applies to all TAFE NSW

  • Accredited, non accredited, fee for service, part or full time courses
  • Staff whether permanent or temporary, consultant, contractor or other appointees
  • Students.

3. Context


This policy addresses the requirements of the

(a) ensure that it provides technical and further education services to meet the needs of individuals and the skill needs of the workforce and, in particular, ensure that it provides basic and pre-vocational education as well as vocational education and training

(e) provide educationally or vocationally disadvantaged groups (such as women, Aborigines, persons of non-English speaking background, persons with disabilities and persons in rural areas) with access to technical and further education services, including a range of appropriate specialised services

3.2 Document History and Details

Implementation date – 13/12/2005

Web publication date – 14/03/2011

Reference Number – PD/2005/0194/V03

Approval date – 13/12/2005

Approving officer – Associate director, TAFE equity strategy and programs

Superseded documents – TAFE NSW Policy: Students with Disabilities, Supplement published on 7 May 1997 (97.17.SO1)

Document History

Main changes since previous version

Policy and procedures have been updated to reflect new format requirements and current legislative and regulatory arrangements.

Policy Contact

Manager Disability
TAFE TES social inclusion and vocational access skills unit (02) 9217 3030.

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4. Responsibilities and Delegations


TAFE NSW institutes are responsible for 


meeting Commonwealth and/or NSW government targets to increase the participation and positive outcomes by students with disabilities in TAFE NSW programs


the management and provision of inclusive curricula, teaching and access (including access to information)


the provision of reasonable adjustments for students with disabilities


the employment of disability specific teacher consultants to ensure that people with a disability have equity in education and training through services and provision of assistive staff, technology and or devices


the collection and input of current data for the Warehouse on the Web information system.

4.2 TAFE NSW, Training and Education Support, Social Inclusion and Vocational Access Skills Unit is Responsible for


Support and advice for institutes and training and education support units to implement the Students with Disabilities Policy – TAFE NSW


Consulting with disability communities


Supporting programs of research and development


Conducting research in consultation with institutes, training and education support units, the NSW Department of Education and Training Disabilities Community Consultative Committee, peak disability bodies, and relevant industry, government and non government organisations


Developing and implementing organisational change to enhance inclusive practice


Developing and monitoring the implementation of key state wide strategies to improve vocational education and training outcomes for students with disabilities.

5. Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting Requirements

5.1 TAFE NSW institutes will


Ensure all TAFE NSW management plans specify institute performance indicators for

  • Meeting equity targets
  • Delivery of equity and access
  • Human resource development aimed at inclusive teaching and service delivery.


Regularly review the staffing levels of each designation of teacher consultant for students with disabilities to meet the current needs of specific populations.


Contribute to the DET annual report as the main accountability mechanism for

  • Customer service performance including the customer satisfaction measurement indicated by students with disabilities and
  • outcomes derived through performance indicators for the Disability Action Plan and the EEO Management Plan in the key result areas of access, disability employment equity and disability specific services.

5.2 TAFE NSW Training and Education Support, Social Inclusion and Vocational Access Skills Unit will


monitor the implementation of this policy and report to the Equity Strategy Committee.


report on effectiveness as required to the Equity Strategy Group.


Manager disability
TAFE TES social inclusion and vocational access skills unit (02) 9217 3030.

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