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Policies and Procedures: Facilities

Higher Education Facilities, Resources & Services Review and Improvement Policy


Type: Policy
PD Number: PD20100410

1.Objectives – Policy Statement


TAFE NSW higher education is committed to processes to ensure appropriate maintenance, review and improvement of facilities, resources and services to facilitate the successful delivery of its higher education courses.


Well maintained facilities, services and adequate resources for staff and students will be appropriate in scope, quality and efficacy for the capacity of TAFE NSW higher education and mode of delivery of its courses.

2.Audience and Applicability


This policy applies to all TAFE NSW higher education staff responsible for quality assurance. This includes but is not restricted to the THEEG and Teaching and Learning Committee.



This policy aligns with:

  • TAFE NSW Higher Education Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement Framework
  • TAFE NSW Higher Education Course Design Development and Evaluation Policy and Procedure.

3.2 Document History and Details

Implementation date – 28-9-2010
Web publication date – 15/05/2015
Reference Number – PD/2010/0410/V02
Approval date – 28-9-2010
Approving officer – Deputy director-general TAFE and Community Education

Document History

Main changes since previous version

Policy contact

Director, TAFE NSW Higher Education (02) 9217 4381

NSW TAFE Commission reference numbers N/A

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Publication data

Publicly available: Yes
Storage location wwwpolicies: Central
Primary location:  TAFE | Administration & management | Facilities
Leading and Managing the School categories: None
Subject keywords: Facilities, resources, services, maintenance

4. Responsibilities and Delegations


The THEEG will be responsible for continual review and improvement and will delegate responsibility of regular review processes to the dean, course coordinator and Teaching and Learning Committee.


The dean and Teaching and Learning Committee will make recommendations and strategies to the THEEG for action.


All improvements approved by the THEEG for action will be allocated to staff to complete within the approved timeframe.

5. Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting Requirements


This document will be reviewed and updated regularly in line with the Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement Framework.


The TAFE NSW Higher Education Executive Group (THEEG) will monitor this policy by regular review and feedback from various stakeholders and the Teaching and Learning Committee and take action to implement improvements where necessary.

6. Contact

Director, TAFE NSW Higher Education

(02) 9217 4381

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