Access to Work and Training

Qualification Certificate I (NRT)
National Code 10088NAT
TAFE NSW Course No 10443
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      Location: Bega
      Detail: Access to Work and Training
      Code: OUTED10443
      Status: Available
      Costs: Fee Exempt details...
      Week Starting: 16-Jul-2012
      Attendance: Part Time Day
      Description: Course Description
      Additional Description:

This is a course most suitable to Women requiring skills to develop a home-based craft business.  

      Entry Requirements: Course Entry Requirements

When you enrol in a government-subsidised TAFE NSW course you will be required to pay the TAFE NSW fee, unless you qualify for a fee exemption or fee concession. 

Your enrolment in the course is NOT complete until you have finalised your TAFE NSW fees.  You cannot attend classes until your enrolment is finalised.

TAFE NSW does not accept CASH. You may pay your TAFE NSW fee and course related charges online by MasterCard or VISA or at your local campus by EFTPOS, MasterCard, VisaCard, cheque or money order made payable to TAFE NSW. 

In the following circumstances you will need to attend a TAFE campus to finalise your enrolment:

Temporary Visa Holders
- You will need to bring your passport or documentation from DIMIA showing your current visa sub class. Certified true copies of documentation may also be accepted.

Apprentices and Trainees - Are entitled to a capped fee of $436 per year for apprenticeship and traineeship courses. To be eligible for the capped fee you must provide proof of your apprenticeship or traineeship.

Concession Fee - If you are receiving a Commonwealth benefit or allowance you are eligible to pay a concession fee of $53 per course enrolment per year rather than the full TAFE NSW fee.

Students with a Disability - Students in receipt of a Disability Support Pension or students with a disability (clients of a Teacher/Consultant) are entitled to one full-fee exemption from the TAFE NSW fee for one course per year, and are eligible for the $53 Concession fee for subsequent enrolments in that year.

Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander students - Are exempt from paying the TAFE NSW fee. You will need to complete a TAFE NSW fee exemption form.

A Message for young people under 17 years of age - From January 2010, a new law in NSW requires students to complete school to Year 10 and then to continue in either education, full-time paid employment, or a combination of these until at least the age 17. If you are under 17 years and wish to enrol at TAFE the options available to you may have been affected by this change in the law. To attend TAFE you will need to have completed Year 10 or have special permission from school and TAFE to do so.

      TAFE NSW Contact: TAFE Illawarra Course Information
Course Information
  1300 766 123

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