Qualification Certificate III (NRT)
Course number 17393
National Code AUR30905
Training Package AUR05 - (AUR05) Automotive Industry Retail, Service and Repair
Program area Transport and Automotive  
Duration (nominal hours) 890
Availability: This course is no longer accepting new enrolments. However, a replacement course may be in development, and related courses may be proposed at some locations. Look for related courses and proposed locations on the Find a course page or check with your local campus for details of replacement or related courses.

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Course overview

Course Description

This course is for people working in the motorsport industry who want a
career as a motorsport mechanic who have entered into a training agreement.
In this course you will learn how to service, repair and diagnose faults
in the mechanical and electrical systems of motorsport vehicles. It is a
pathway to a traineeship in the motorsport sector of the automotive

Career Opportunities

Mechanic in the motorsport sector of the automotive industry.


Successful completion of this course will achieve units of competence from the
Automotive Industry Retail Service & Repair Training Package (AUR05). This
qualification and the units will be recognised in other Certificate IV courses
such as:
- the Certificate IV in Automotive Technology (9004)
- the Certificate IV in Motorsport (17394).

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Industry Subgroup: Transport and Automotive

Course structure

pdf icon Student Assessment Guide – Course

What you must do to complete the course

The course structure below shows what you must do to complete this course.
units/modules are arranged in groups and sometimes also in subgroups.
You must complete each group as specified as well as following the course
completion instructions.   If a course contains optional groups there will
statement at the top of the course indicating how many you must do.  At the
top of any group containing optional subgroups there will be a statement
saying how many you must do.
The award of the CIII in Motorsport qualification requires the achievement
36 units of competence:
-    3   compulsory core units of competence
-   27   units of competence form the Motorsport inventory, 10 of which
must come from the Motorsport cluster - Motorsport Group
-    6   elective units of competence which may be chosen from AUR05 or any
other endorsed training package that meet the needs of the enterprise.
A maximum of 15 units at AQF level two(2) may be completed
A maximum of 2 units at AQF level four(4) may be completed.
The elective sub groups included in this course were determined through
consultation with the industry working party and industry representatives.
are three sub groups of electives to allow for the flexibility in the
training package packaging rules.
It is critical that Sections/Institutes follow the training package
packaging rules for this qualification and ensure that students are
correctly enrolled. The course structure can NOT enforce all of the
qualification unit completion requirements. This applies specifically to
the AQF level two and level four unit limits.
The course structure is made up of 4 major groups of units of competence.
These major groups are:
GROUP 1     -   Core competency units - safety, diagnostic and
environmental units specified in the training package.
GROUP 2     -   Motorsport Inventory Units - a minimum of 27 units
must be completed. Ten of these units MUST come from sub-group
1, Motorsport Cluster units
GROUP 3     -   Units from AUR05 and other endorsed training packages.
Please note:
1) The course structure does not dictate the order in which units must be
delivered. RTOs should be flexible in the order and method in which they
deliver and group units in response to workplace needs where ever possible.
2) Contact the teaching section if a learner is seeking recognition of a
unit of comptence from another training package and conforms with the
AUR05 packaging rules.
3) To satisfy specific local industry needs, Institutes should contact the
Program Manager to have additional units of competence added to the course.
4) TAFE NSW students who may need additional support to achieve the course
outcomes should also enrol in Learner Support Course - 9999.
5) The module 6200Z Transport Work Experience has been added as enrichment
enable students access to work experience when relevant.

Course Elective Completion:

At least 33 elective modules/units must be completed. These may be chosen from groups 2, 3

All module/units must be completed
Modules/Units Name Hrs National Module(s)
AURC270103A Apply safe working practices 12
AURT271781A Implement and monitor environmental regulations in the automotive mechanical industry 4
AURT366108A Carry out diagnostic procedures 12
Subgroup 1 must be completed
At least 27 and no more than 33 module/units must be completed
At least 10 module/units must be completed
Modules/Units Name Hrs National Module(s)
AURM240080A Operate in a motor sport environment 20
AURM240172A Set up and dismantle temporary work location and equipment 20
AURM340204A Assemble and prepare a competition vehicle 60
AURM340312A Collect and log motorsport data 20
AURM340413A Comply with motorsport team and event safety requirements 20
AURM340550A Conduct non-destructive testing 24
AURM340607A Construct hose/pipe assemblies for competition vehicles 24
AURM340710A Coordinate operations of a motorsport team 40
AURM340851A Perform competition vehicle preparation procedures at an event 40
AURM340951A Perform pit lane/service area operations 20
AURM341051A Perform torquing and fastening 16
AURM341149A Prepare competition vehicle and support equipment for transportation 20
AURM441293A Analyse and repair complex performance driveline systems 40
AURM441393A Analyse and repair complex performance fuel systems 24
AURM441438A Manage motorsport data acquisition 40
AURM441538A Manage personal presentation and development 40
AURM441638A Manage the preparation of a competition vehicle 40
AURM441749A Prepare competition vehicle suspension 30
AURM441868A Select and prepare tyres and wheels for motorsport applications 20
AURM441976A Test engines using a dynamometer 16
AURM442076A Test suspension dampers using a dynamo meter 10
You may choose electives from this group
Modules/Units Name Hrs National Module(s)
AURC252103A Apply basic automotive troubleshooting processes 8
AURE218664A Remove and replace electrical/electronic units/assemblies 30
AURE218676A Test, service and charge batteries 12
AURE218708A Carry out repairs to single electrical circuits 24
AURE218764A Remove, refit and test electrical componentry for normal operation following body repair activities 30
AURE219531A Install ancillary electrical components 40
AURE220140A Manufacture and repair wiring harness/looms 24
AURE224008A Carry out soldering of electrical wiring/circuits 20
AURE311666A Repair electric braking systems 16
AURE318866A Repair electrical systems 60
AURE318966A Repair instruments and warning systems 44
AURE319145A Overhaul charging system alternators 16
AURE319166A Repair charging systems 32
AURE319245A Overhaul starting motors 16
AURE319266A Repair starting systems 40
AURE320031A Install marine electrical systems/components 20
AURE320066A Diagnose and repair marine electrical systems/components 40
AURE320666A Repair ignition systems 40
AURE320871A Service and repair electronically controlled steering systems 24
AURE320971A Service and repair electronically controlled suspension systems 24
AURE321066A Repair electronic systems 80
AURE321171A Service and repair electronic spark ignition engine management systems 48
AURE321271A Service and repair electronic drive management systems 32
AURE321371A Service and repair electronic body management systems 32
AURE321471A Service and repair electronically controlled anti-lock braking systems 24
AURE321571A Service and repair electronically operated traction control system 24
AURE321671A Service and repair electronically operated stability control systems 24
AURE321771A Service and repair electronic compression ignition engine management systems 32
AURE321831A Install marine electronic systems/components 20
AURT200108A Carry out servicing operations 12
AURT200368A Select and use bearings, seals, gaskets, sealants and adhesives 20
AURT201170A Inspect and service engines 36
AURT202166A Repair cooling systems 24
AURT202170A Inspect and service cooling systems 16
AURT202608A Carry out radiator repairs 24
AURT203170B Service petrol fuel systems 20
AURT204670A Inspect and service emission control systems 12
AURT205123A Fabricate exhaust systems/components 48
AURT205166A Repair exhaust system components 8
AURT206670A Inspect and service transmissions (manual) 20
AURT207170A Inspect and service transmissions (automatic) 20
AURT210170A Inspect and service braking systems 20
AURT210605A Attach friction materials and radius grind 16
AURT210736A Machine brake drums and brake disc rotors 16
AURT212670A Service final drive assemblies 16
AURT213170A Service final drive (driveline) 16
AURT215130A Inspect steering systems 20
AURT215170A Inspect and service steering systems 20
AURT216130A Inspect suspension systems 20
AURT216170A Inspect and service suspension systems 20
AURT217606A Balance wheels and tyres 8
AURT217665A Remove, fit and inspect wheel assemblies 16
AURT217668A Select tyres and rims for specific applications (light) 20
AURT217766A Remove, inspect, repair and fit tyres and tubes (light) 16
AURT225156A Read and interpret engineering drawings 36
AURT225191A Produce drawings from design concepts 36
AURT225667A Use and maintain measuring equipment 20
AURT301357A Rebuild engine components 40
AURT301359A Reclaim engine components 40
AURT301383A Dismantle, assemble and repair engine block and sub-assemblies 60
AURT301483A Recondition cylinder heads 40
AURT303166B Repair petrol fuel systems 28
AURT304666A Repair and replace emission control systems 20
AURT305671A Inspect and repair engine forced induction systems 12
AURT306170A Inspect, service and/or repair clutch assemblies and associated operating system components 24
AURT310104A Assemble and fit braking systems/components 24
AURT310166A Repair hydraulic braking systems 24
AURT334606A Balance engine components 12
AURT334608A Carry out blueprinting of engine components 32
AURT401145A Overhaul engines and associated engine components 60
AURT403145B Overhaul petrol fuel system components 24
AURT406145A Overhaul clutch assemblies 16
AURT406645A Overhaul transmissions (manual) 24
AURT407145A Overhaul transmissions (automatic) 56
AURT410145AA Overhaul braking system components (light) 16
AURT412645A Overhaul final drive assemblies 24
AURT415145A Overhaul steering system components 24
AURT466208A Carry out diagnosis of complex system faults 16
AURT471782A Plan and manage compliance with environmental regulations in the mechanical repair industry 16
AURTL301166A Repair engines and associated engine components (light vehicle) 60
AURTL306666A Repair transmissions - manual (light vehicle) 28
AURTL307166A Repair transmissions - automatic (light vehicle) 24
AURTL312666A Repair final drive assemblies (light vehicle) 24
AURTL313166A Repair final drive - driveline (light vehicle) 20
AURTL315166A Repair steering systems (light vehicle) 24
AURTL316166A Repair suspension systems (light vehicle) 24
AURTL317108A Carry out wheel alignment operations (light vehicle) 24
AURV223608A Carry out oxy acetylene welding, thermal cutting and thermal heating procedures 40
AURV281108A Carry out manual metal arc welding procedures 36
AURV281208A Carry out brazing procedures 24
AURV281308A Carry out gas metal arc (MIG) welding procedures 36
AURV281408A Carry out gas tungsten arc (TIG) welding procedures 36
BSBCMN405A Analyse and present research information 30
BSBCMN411A Monitor a safe workplace 40
HLTFA1A Apply basic First Aid 12
MEM5.17AB Weld using gas metal arc welding process 36
MEM5.3AA Soft soldering (basic) 18
MEM5.4AB Perform routine oxy acetylene welding 36
MEM5.7AB Manual heating and thermal cutting 36
MEM7.5AA Perform general machining 80
No more than 6 module/units may be completed
Modules/Units Name Hrs National Module(s)
AURC359554A Provide technical guidance 24
AURC361101A Adapt work processes to new technologies 20
AURT200368A Select and use bearings, seals, gaskets, sealants and adhesives 20
AURT201164A Remove and install engine assemblies 16
AURT203670A Service diesel fuel injection systems 24
AURT217966A Remove, inspect, repair and fit tyres and tubes (heavy) 20
AURT217985A Fit tyres and rims for specific applications (heavy) 20
AURT270278A Use and maintain workplace tools and equipment 30
AURT303666A Repair diesel fuel systems 64
PMBPROD247C Hand lay up composites 40
You may choose modules/units from this group but they do not count towards
course completion
Modules/Units Name Hrs National Module(s)
6200Z Transport work experience 240
BSBSUS201A Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices 20

Requirements to receive the qualification

Learners must satisfactorily complete:
-   All core units in GROUP 1
- At least 33 elective units which must be completed as follows:
- A minimum of 27 units in GROUP 2 including a minimum of ten units from
sub-group 1
- Up to 6 units may be taken from GROUP 3.
No more than 15 units at AQF2 and no more than 2 units at AQF4 may be included.

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