Racing Services (Track Maintenance)

Qualification Certificate II (NRT)
Course number 18317
National Code RGR20408
Training Package RGR08 - Racing
Program area Agrifood Skills DMC Forestworks  
Duration (nominal hours) 445

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Course overview

Course Description

This qualification reflects the role of employees who work under
supervision in known routines but with a defined amount of responsibility
and limited judgement. Work responsibilities cover the maintenance and
repair of racing tracks, gardens and other facilities as well as the use
of tools and machinery. The employee works under the direction of a
supervisor but is also able to act autonomously in certain situations
requiring solutions to a limited range of problems or working as part of a

Employees with this qualification may be required to handle greyhounds or
horses in emergency situations and assist in marshalling prior to racing
(depending on the individual's training plan).

Career Opportunities

Track Maintenance worker in a racing environment


Pathways from the qualification
RGR30508 Certificate III in Racing Services (Track Maintenance)

Entry Requirements

 There are no entry requirements for this qualification.


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Industry Subgroup: Agrifood Skills DMC Forestworks

Locations & fees

TAFE NSW fees apply to offerings of this course at the following locations. Concessions or exemptions may apply for eligible students.

Year Half Year Fee Annual Fee
2014 $267 $534

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Location Attendance Status Week Starting How to Enrol
Richmond Flexible Delivery Available 03-Feb-2014 On Campus


Course structure

pdf icon Student Assessment Guide – Course

What you must do to complete the course

The course structure below shows what you must do to complete this course.
units/modules are arranged in groups and sometimes also in subgroups.
You must complete each group as specified as well as following the course
completion instructions.   If a course contains optional groups there will
statement at the top of the course indicating how many you must do.  At the
top of any group containing optional subgroups there will be a statement
saying how many you must do.
This course reflects the packaging requirements for RGR20408 Certificate
II in Racing Services (Track Maintenance) within the RGR08 Racing Training
Version 1.0 (RGR08 v1.0).
The rules from RGR08 v1.0 are as follows:
Completion of sixteen (16) units made up of four (4) core and twelve (12)
elective units.
- a minimum of one (1) unit from Group A
- a minimum of seven (7) units from Group D
- a minimum of two (2) units from Groups A, C, D or E
- a maximum of two (2) units may be selected from the RGR08 Racing Training
Package or any other currently endorsed Training Package or accredited
course. Selected units must be relevant to job outcomes in the racing

For a Certificate II in Racing Services (Track Maintenance) at least nine
(9) of the units selected to make up this qualification must be aligned
clearly to Certificate II outcomes.
Electives may be selected from any of the listed groups A, C, D and E.
Refer to Volume IV for the group listings.
The electives can be chosen from any AQF level however they should
complement Certificate II qualification requirements.
Ideally electives should be chosen as part of the individual training plan
learnerso that they provide skills and knowledge development that is
relevant to their employment or future promotion. In some cases an
individual training plan may include a mixture of units for those who work
To satisfy the Training Package requirements, this TAFE NSW course has been
structured as follows:
16 units must be completed - 4 compulsory (core) plus 12 electives
Group 1 - Core Units
All 4 core units must be completed
Group 2 - Group A Units - Racing Common Listed in RGR20408
At least 1 unit must be compled from this group
Group 3 - Group D Units - Track Maintenance Listed in RGR20408
At least 7 units must be completed from this group
Group 4 - Group C (Racing Administration) and Group E (Racing Operations)
Elective Units Listed in the Training Package
Additional elective units may be selected from this group
Group 5 - Additional RGR08 Elective Units
Additional elective units may be selected from this group
Students who require support to meet their learning goals may co-enrol in
the Learner Support course (TAFE Course Number 9999). Talk to your teacher
think you may require learner support.
Talk to your teacher and/or workplace trainer to ensure that your
combination of electives provides you with a suitable vocational outcome.
If you have completed other relevant training you may be eligible to have
units of competency from previous training counted towards completion for
this course. Talk to your teacher or workplace trainer if you think you
may be eligible for recognition for units previously completed.
Some units in this course may have prerequisites that must be completed in
lower level qualification or selected as part of this course. Refer to the
Training Package or consult your teacher for information about
prerequisites to elective units.

Course Elective Completion:

At least 12 elective modules/units must be completed. These may be chosen from groups 2, 3, 4, 5

All module/units must be completed
Modules/Units Name Hrs National Module(s)
HLTFA301C Apply first aid 15
RGRCMN001A Comply with the rules of racing and related protocols 20
RGRCMN201A Follow OHS procedures and observe environmental work practices 30
RGRCMN202A Achieve requirements for industry induction 20
At least 1 module/unit must be completed
Modules/Units Name Hrs National Module(s)
PUACOM001C Communicate in the workplace 30
RGRCMN002A Investigate job opportunities in racing and related industries 15
RGRCMN003A Manage personal health and fitness 20
RGRTRK402A Relate animal welfare to track and environmental conditions 30
RTE2707B Follow site quarantine procedures 20
SRXEMR001A Respond to emergency situations 20
At least 7 module/units must be completed
Modules/Units Name Hrs National Module(s)
HLTGM202D Use hand and power tools 20
HLTGM305D Maintain pool environments 30
RGRPSG201A Handle greyhounds 40
RGRPSH201A Handle horses 50
RGRTRK303A Provide emergency animal assistance 25
RTC2012A Plant trees and shrubs 20
RTC2210A Maintain properties and structures 20
RTC2301A Undertake operational maintenance of machinery 30
RTC2306A Operate vehicles 30
RTC2307A Operate machinery and equipment 30
RTC2401A Treat weeds 30
RTC2404A Treat plant pests, diseases and disorders 20
RTC2706A Apply chemicals under supervision 15
RTE2503B Observe and report on weather 20
RTE2602A Assist with the operation of pressurised irrigation 20
RTE3410A Work effectively in an emergency disease or plant pest response 30
RTF2504A Determine basic properties of soil/growing media 25
THTGTM01B Carry out general maintenance 30
THTGTM02B Carry out grounds maintenance 30
You may choose electives from this group
Modules/Units Name Hrs National Module(s)
RGRADM301A Assist with race meeting operations 35
RGRADM302A Supervise use of track and race club facilities 20
RGRADM401A Manage race meeting operations 50
RGRADM402A Prepare for race meeting special events 25
RGRROP201A Perform duties of barrier attendant at thoroughbred race meetings and trials 25
RGRROP202A Perform duties of kennel attendant at race meetings 15
RGRROP203A Perform duties of parade official at greyhound race meetings 10
RGRROP204A Assist with harness race starts 15
RGRROP301A Perform ear branding and marking up of greyhounds 25
RGRROP302A Brand standardbred horses 25
RGRROP303A Perform duties of clerk of course at harness or thoroughbred race meetings and trials 35
RGRROP304A Perform duties of clerk of scales at greyhound race meetings 10
RGRROP305A Perform duties of clerk of scales for horses at thoroughbred race meetings 10
RGRROP306A Perform duties of clerk of scales for jockeys at thoroughbred race meetings 10
RGRROP307A Perform duties of lure driver at race meetings and trials 30
RGRROP308A Drive mobile start vehicle 30
RGRROP309A Perform duties of catching pen supervisor 12
RGRROP310A Supervise race meeting kennels 30
RGRROP311A Perform duties of greyhound race starter 15
RGRROP312A Perform duties of licensing or registration clerk 20
RGRROP313A Process race nominations and acceptances 15
RGRROP314A Perform duties of photo finish operator at greyhound or horse race meetings 20
RGRROP315A Perform duties of timekeeper at greyhound or horse race meetings 10
RGRROP316A Perform duties of track supervisor during trackwork operations 20
RGRROP317A Attend racing events and comply with protocols and safety procedures 10
RGRROP401A Perform duties of race programmer 35
RGRROP402A Perform duties of medical practitioner at race meetings and trials 20
RGRROP403A Perform duties of farrier at race meetings 15
RGRROP404A Perform duties of veterinarian at race meetings or trials 20
RGRROP405A Conduct veterinarian supervision of sample collection procedures 10
RGRROP406A Perform duties of harness race starter 25
RGRROP407A Perform duties of thoroughbred race starter 30
RGRROP408A Perform duties of betting supervisor or steward at greyhound or horse race meetings 35
RGRROP409A Perform duties of greyhound grader 35
RGRROP410A Perform duties of racehorse handicapper 35
RGRROP411A Perform duties of greyhound or horse race judge 15
RGRSWA301A Collect non-blood samples from greyhounds or horses 15
RGRSWA302A Collect non-blood samples from racing personnel 15
RGRSWA303A Collect blood samples for racing animal drug testing 15
RGRSWA401A Collect blood samples from racing personnel 15
You may choose electives from this group
Modules/Units Name Hrs National Module(s)
RGRCMN401A Maintain and monitor OHS procedures and environmental work practices 15
RGRCMN402A Participate in media interviews for racing 20
RGRCMN403A Participate in racing industry appeals 15
RGRTRK301A Assist with race meeting track management 40
RGRTRK302A Maintain specialised non-turf track surfaces for racing 60
RGRTRK401A Prepare track and facilities for race meetings 60
You may choose modules/units from this group but they do not count towards
course completion
Modules/Units Name Hrs National Module(s)
HLTAID003 Provide first aid 18

Requirements to receive the qualification

To achieve RGR20408 Certificate II in Racing Services (Track Maintenance) (TAFE
NSW course 18317), learners are required to complete 16 units of competency,
-  All 4 core units from Group 1
-  At least 1 elective unit from Group 2
-  At least 7 elective units from Group 3
-  Additional elective units may be chosen from Groups 4 and 5

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