Fashion Design

Qualification Diploma (NRT)
Course number 19214
National Code 91488NSW
Program area Business Finance and Culture  
Duration (nominal hours) 1733
This course replaced 7809 - Fashion Design

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Course overview

Course Description

This course is for people who want to develop advanced skills and sound
knowledge of the Australian fashion industry, and the attitudes necessary
to work creatively in industry as assistant fashion designers.
You will demonstrate expressive and exploratory creativity, and an ability
to visualise design concepts and effectively communicate ideas to
colleagues and clients. you will be self-motivated, energetic and
resourceful, show initiative, and work collaboratively as part of a team.
You will also gain a solid background and a sound working knowledge of
fashion industry operations, its participants, key stakeholders and
current industry developments. You will also gain insight into the
relationship between fashion design and media promotion, and particular
market sectors including the couture and ready-to-wear markets.
On completion, you will be able to work effectively as assistant fashion
designers in areas such as small studio based businesses, large fashion
design houses, wholesale and retail companies, magazines and online
publication houses, fashion agencies, textile design and printing studios,
textile agents, marketing and public relations companies.

Career Opportunities

Fashion designer in areas such as couture design; garment, accessory and
fabric print design; wholesale sales and merchandising for manufacturers,
retailers, wholesalers and fashion/textile agents; styling for fashion
publications and the internet, and fashion promotion and public relations.


Students who have completed the Certificate IV in Fashion Design Industry
Practices (19213) or equivalent will receive credit for any equivalent
units/modules they have completed.
On successful completion, graduates can undertake further study in the Advanced
Diploma of Fashion Design.
When you finish this course, you may be eligible to apply for entry into a TAFE
NSW Higher Education course.

Entry Requirements

 The entry requirement for this course is completion of one of the following, or
- NSW Higher School Certificate
- Certificate III in Design Fundamentals (TAFE NSW course: 19230)
- Certificate IV in Fashion Design Industry Practice (TAFE NSW course: 19213).


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Industry Subgroup: Business Finance and Culture

Locations & fees

TAFE NSW fees apply to offerings of this course at the following locations. Concessions or exemptions may apply for eligible students.

Year Half Year Fee Annual Fee
2014 $757 $1514

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Location Attendance Status Week Starting How to Enrol
Ultimo Full Time Standby 03-Feb-2014 Apply Now


Course structure

pdf icon Student Assessment Guide – Course

What you must do to complete the course

The course structure below shows what you must do to complete this course.
units/modules are arranged in groups and sometimes also in subgroups.
You must complete each group as specified as well as following the course
completion instructions.   If a course contains optional groups there will
statement at the top of the course indicating how many you must do.  At the
top of any group containing optional subgroups there will be a statement
saying how many you must do.
The pathway presented below consists of thirty three (33) compulsory Core

Learners requiring support to meet their course and learning goals may
co-enrol in the Learner Support Course (9999).
The teaching section should contact the course developer if a request is
received from an industry group to include a specific unit of competency
in a qualification that is not already in the course
All module/units must be completed

*  indicates that the module contributes to the grade of the award

Modules/Units Name Hrs National Module(s)
CUVCOR02B Develop and articulate concept for own work 18
CUVCOR04B Originate concept for own work and conduct critical discourse 36
CUVDSP11B Research and apply techniques for illustrative work 75
LMTCL2003B Identify fibres and fabrics 18
LMTCL3001B Identify fabric performance and handling requirements 18
LMTFD3004B Draw a trade drawing for fashion design 27
LMTFD4011B Cut fabrics for prototype designs 18
LMTFD4013B Grade 2D patterns 54
LMTFD4020B Use electronic fashion design tools 54
LMTFD5016B Grade shaped patterns 36
NSWTFAD401A Research and experiment with techniques for life drawing 72
NSWTFAS407A Select fabrications for fashion designs 18
NSWTFAS409A Use appropriate fashion design terminology 18
NSWTFAS410A Produce print designs for fashion fabrics 110
NSWTFAS411A * Design colour schemes for fashion 55
NSWTFAS412A * Use design elements and principles for effect in fashion concepts 70
NSWTFAS413A * Realise simple daywear garments 180
NSWTFAS414A Produce, assess and modify toiles to reflect design concepts 35
NSWTFAS415A * Produce original designs for women s fashion day wear 65
NSWTFAS501A * Design prints for fashion fabrics 55
NSWTFAS502A Research and experiment with fashion illustration techniques 72
NSWTFAS503A * Adapt cultural, historical and artistic references to inform design concepts 54
NSWTFAS504A * Design ready-to-wear collections 70
NSWTFAS506A * Use CAD tools to develop fashion designs and illustrations 70
NSWTFAS507A * Develop fashion design business skills 60
NSWTFAS508A Assist in the implementation of a fashion event 20
NSWTFAS509A Research and experiment with techniques for fashion fabrics 55
NSWTFAS510A * Produce original designs for a range of specialised fashion garments 80
NSWTFAS511A Develop and use toiles as a design evaluation tool 25
NSWTFAS512A * Realise specialised fashion garments 130
NSWTFAS513A Research and analyse historical costume in context 20
NSWTFAS514A Research and critically analyse contemporary fashion design 20
NSWTFAS515A * Evaluate fashion marketing activities 36
You may choose modules/units from this group but they do not count towards
course completion
Modules/Units Name Hrs National Module(s)
BSBSUS201A Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices 20
Group 998 TUTORIAL
Your teacher will tell you if you need to do any modules/units from this group
Modules/Units Name Hrs National Module(s)
19214A Technical tutorial support 173
7648A Work placement 42

Requirements to receive the qualification

To gain the award of Diploma of Fashion Design, the learner must satisfactorily
complete all thirty three (33) Group 1 units.

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