Metalliferous Mining Operations (Underground)

Qualification Certificate IV (NRT)
Course number 19868
National Code RII40309
Training Package RII09 - Resources and Infrastructure Industry
Program area Agrifood Skills DMC Forestworks  
Duration (nominal hours) 555
This course replaced 7854 - Metalliferous Mining Operations - Underground
Availability: This course is no longer accepting new enrolments. However, a replacement course may be in development, and related courses may be proposed at some locations. Look for related courses and proposed locations on the Find a course page or check with your local campus for details of replacement or related courses.

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Course overview

Course Description

This course is for people who want to work as a supervisor/team leader in
an underground metalliferous mine. It provides comprehensive and integrated
training required by skilled operators working with supervisory roles.
You will learn to perform a broad range of varied activities most of which
are complex and non-routine. You will acquire the skills needed to apply
statutory and legal compliance requirements and implement communication,
environment and risk management systems.
By completing this course you will be able to take responsibility for the
quantity and quality of the output of others, contribute to the
development of technical solutions to non-routine problems and apply
safety management plans to the workplace.
You must be currently employed in, or have authorised access to an
operational underground metalliferous mine while undertaking this course.
Prior experience in the mining industry is highly recommended.

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Industry Subgroup: Agrifood Skills DMC Forestworks

Course structure

pdf icon Student Assessment Guide – Course

What you must do to complete the course

The course structure below shows what you must do to complete this course.
units/modules are arranged in groups and sometimes also in subgroups.
You must complete each group as specified as well as following the course
completion instructions.   If a course contains optional groups there will
statement at the top of the course indicating how many you must do.  At the
top of any group containing optional subgroups there will be a statement
saying how many you must do.
This course has been designed to reflect the packaging requirements for
RII40309 Certificate IV in Metalliferous Mining Operations (Underground)
within the Resources and Infrastructure Training Package (RII09). The
rules from the RII09 Training Package are as follows:
Successful completion of a total of fifteen (15) units of competency, made
- ten (10) mandatory units of competency, and
- five (5) electives units, including at least four (4) from the list of
electives, and up to one (1) from Certificate III, Certificate IV or
Diploma level from this or any other Training Package
Units chosen must be relevant to the job function.
Care must be taken to ensure that all prerequisites specified within
imported units, or units chosen as electives, are complied with.
To satisfy the Training Package requirements, this TAFE NSW course has been
structured as follows:
Group 1 - Compulsory Units
ALL 10 compulsory units must be completed
Group 2 - General Elective Units
At least four and up to five general elective units must be completed.
Group 400 is an enrichment group containing unit(s) relating to
participating in sustainable work practices.  This group does not count
towards course completion.
Students who require support to meet their learning goals may co-enrol in
the Learner Support course (TAFE Course Number 9999). Talk to your teacher
think you may require learner support.
Talk to your teacher and/or workplace trainer to ensure that your
combination of electives provides you with a suitable vocational outcome.
If you have completed other relevant training you may be eligible to have
units of competency from previous training counted towards completion for
this course. Talk to your teacher or workplace trainer if you think you
may be eligible for recognition for units previously completed.
Some units in this course have prerequisites that must be completed in a
lower level qualification or selected as part of this course. Refer to the
Package or consult your teacher for information about prerequisites to
elective units.

Course Elective Completion:

At least 5 elective modules/units must be completed. These may be chosen from group 2

All module/units must be completed
Modules/Units Name Hrs National Module(s)
MSAPMSUP172A Identify and minimise environmental hazards 20
RIICOM301A Communicate information 50
RIIERR404A Apply and monitor underground metalliferous mine emergency preparedness and response procedures 40
RIIGOV401A Apply, monitor and report on compliance systems 30
RIIMEX404A Apply and monitor systems for stable mining 40
RIIOHS201A Work safely and follow OHS policies and procedures 25
RIIOHS301A Conduct safety and health investigations 40
RIIQUA201A Maintain and monitor site quality standards 30
RIIRIS301A Apply risk management processes 40
RIIUND401A Apply and monitor the ventilation management plan 40
At least 4 and no more than 5 module/units must be completed
Modules/Units Name Hrs National Module(s)
BSBINM301A Organise workplace information 20
BSBINM401A Implement workplace information system 40
BSBLED401A Develop teams and individuals 40
BSBMGT401A Show leadership in the workplace 40
BSBMGT402A Implement operational plan 40
BSBMGT403A Implement continuous improvement 40
BSBOHS407A Monitor a safe workplace 40
BSBWOR404A Develop work priorities 40
HLTFA301B Apply first aid 15
RIIBLA303A Conduct underground development shotfiring 30
RIIBLA304A Conduct underground production shotfiring 30
RIIBLA401A Manage blasting operations 40
RIIBLA402A Monitor and control the effects of blasting on the environment 40
RIICOM201A Communicate in the workplace 20
RIIERR403A Lead rescue team 30
RIIMEX406A Apply and monitor mine transport system and production equipment 40
RIIOHS401A Supervise work in confined spaces 40
RIIRAI401A Apply and monitor mine services and infrastructure systems 40
RIIRIS402A Carry out the risk management processes 40
RIISAM403A Commission/recommission plant 40
TAAASS301B Contribute to assessment 30
TAAASS401C Plan and organise assessment 20
TAAASS402C Assess competence 25
TAAASS404B Participate in assessment validation 25
TAADEL301C Provide training through instruction and demonstration of work skills 40
You may choose modules/units from this group but they do not count towards
course completion
Modules/Units Name Hrs National Module(s)
BSBSUS201A Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices 20
CPCCCM1002A Work effectively and sustainably in the construction industry 12
CPPCMN3001A Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices 20
MSAENV272A Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices 20
SFIEMS201A Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices 20
SITXENV001A Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices 25
UEENEEK042A Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices 20
You may choose modules/units from this group but they do not count towards
course completion
Modules/Units Name Hrs National Module(s)
HLTAID003 Provide first aid 18

Requirements to receive the qualification

To achieve qualification RII40309 Certificate IV in Metalliferous Mining
Operations (Underground) (19868), learners are required to complete 15 units of
competency, comprising:
-  ten compulsory units from group 1
-  at least five general elective units from group 2

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