Photography Beginners - TAFE PLUS Statement

Qualification TAFE PLUS Statement
Course number 28004
Duration (nominal hours) 4
Career opportunities Graphic Designer

Industry area Creative Arts

Field of education Graphic Arts and Design Studies

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Course overview

Course Description

This course will explain how your digital camera works and how to use it
effectively. The course will concentrate on camera settings including
sensors, pixels, file formats, memory, automatic and manual focus modes,
exposure settings(colour temperature and manual white balance) and flash
modes. You will be shown how to use creative control with shutter speed,
camera shake, freezing movement, blurred movement, extended exposure,
depth of field, aperture and resolution, using wide angle and telephoto
lenses and filters, pixel processing and composition and lighting
(changing the natural light). You will need to bring your digital SLR

Course Contents:

Modules/Units Name Hrs
28004A Photography beginners 4

Locations & fees

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Campbelltown Available 06-May-2014 06-May-2014 Enrol Now $135


Course structure

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What you must do to complete the course

The course structure below shows what you must do to complete this course.
units/modules are arranged in groups and sometimes also in subgroups.
You must complete each group as specified as well as following the course
completion instructions.   If a course contains optional groups there will
statement at the top of the course indicating how many you must do.  At the
top of any group containing optional subgroups there will be a statement
saying how many you must do.
Group 1
All module/units must be completed
Modules/Units Name Hrs National Module(s)
28004A Photography beginners 4

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