Engineering - Technical

Qualification Certificate III (NRT)
Course number 9285
National Code MEM30505
Training Package MEM05 - Metal and Engineering
Program area Manufacturing  
Duration (nominal hours) 360
This course replaced 300 - Engineering - Technician
This course replaced 6899 - Engineering - Technician

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Traineeship You can do this course as part of a traineeship      

Skills List This is a NSW Skills List course      

Course overview

Course Description

This course is for people entering the metal and engineering industry in
technical (non-trade) occupations such as CAD drafter, production
scheduler, engineering assistant or similar roles.
You will gain compulsory competencies in organising and analysing
information and in interacting with computing technology. You will also
gain a range of elective competencies in areas relevant to your current or
intended employement such as CAD, drafting, quality assurance, basic fluid
power, basic mechanical design, production scheduling, cost estimating and
basic non-destructive testing.
The course duration will vary depending on the training pathway agreed to
between you, your employer and the TAFE college.

Career Opportunities

Engineering Technician at level C9 under the Metal, Engineering and Associated
Industries Award.


When you finish this course you may be eligible to enrol in other courses at
Diploma and Advanced Diploma level in the Metal and Engineering Training

Entry Requirements

 There are no entry requirements for this qualification.
However, it is recommended that applicants are already employed, or seeking
employment, in the Metal and Engineering industry.


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Industry Subgroup: Manufacturing

Locations & fees

TAFE NSW fees apply to offerings of this course at the following locations. Concessions or exemptions may apply for eligible students.

Year Half Year Fee Annual Fee
2014 $419 $838

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Location Attendance Status Week Starting How to Enrol
Gosford Flexible Delivery Available 03-Feb-2014 On Campus
Granville Part Time Evening Available 14-Jul-2014 On Campus
Newcastle Flexible Delivery Available 03-Feb-2014 Enrol Now


Course structure

pdf icon Student Assessment Guide – Course

What you must do to complete the course

The course structure below shows what you must do to complete this course.
units/modules are arranged in groups and sometimes also in subgroups.
You must complete each group as specified as well as following the course
completion instructions.   If a course contains optional groups there will
statement at the top of the course indicating how many you must do.  At the
top of any group containing optional subgroups there will be a statement
saying how many you must do.
This course reflects the packaging requirements for MEM30505 Certificate
III in Engineering - Technical (Release 2) within the MEM05 Metal and
Engineering Training Package (Release 11).
The qualification packaging rules state:
The minimum requirements for achievement of the Certificate III in
Engineering - Technical are:
- completion of the three (3) core units of competency listed below, and
- completion of seven (7) elective units of competency from the list below
bring the total of units selected to ten (10).
Note that when selecting elective units any prerequisite units must also be
completed and can be counted towards the required number of elective units
(refer to units and prerequisites listing in Appendix 2).
Note also that additional requirements apply to the selection of
non-destructive testing units. These additional requirements are listed
below in Group 2 Subgroups 2 and 3.
Up to two (2) appropriate electives may be chosen from other endorsed
Training Packages and accredited courses where those units are available
in a Certificate III.
Note that the elective units listed below include all of the units that are
approved for selection from the MEM Training Package for use in this
qualification. This meets the NQC requirement that one sixth of the total
units must be able to be selected from other qualifications in the same
Training Package.
The packaging rules for this qualification provide the following statement
relation to the core units: 'It is anticipated many learners will have
gained these skills through Year 12 school study and be eligible for
recognition of prior learning. The actual awarding of the units will be
subject to assessment by the Registered Training Provider offering the

To satisfy the Training Package requirements, this TAFE NSW course has been
structured as follows:
A total of 10 units must be completed - 3 core and 7 electives
Group 1 Core Units
This group contains the core units of competency.  You must achieve all of
these units.
Group 2 Elective Units Listed in MEM30505
This group contains the elective units listed in MEM30505 packaging rules.
must achieve seven (7) of these units.
Sub-group 1 of Group 2 contains most of the units in Group 2.  There is no
limit on the number of units that you can achieve from this sub-group.  All
seven (7) of the electives can come from this sub-group.
Sub-group 2 of Group 2 contains the following units.  You can only include
(2) of the three but you may choose to ignore all of them.
*   MEM24001B    Perform basic penetrant testing
*   MEM24003B    Perform basic magnetic particle testing
*   MEM24005B    Perform basic eddy current testing
Sub-group 3 of Group 2 contains the following units.  You can only include
one (1) of these and, again, you may choose to ignore both of them.
*   MEM24007B    Perform ultrasonic thickness testing
*   MEM24009B    Perform basic radiographic testing
Group 3 - Units Available at Certificate III from Other Training Packages/
Accredited Courses
This group contains units imported from other endorsed training packages or
accredited courses. Up to two appropriate electives may be chosen from
other endorsed Training Packages and accredited courses where those units
are available in a Certificate III.
Students who require support to meet their learning goals may co-enrol in
the Learner Support course (TAFE Course Number 9999). Talk to your teacher
think you may require learner support.
Talk to your teacher and/or workplace trainer to ensure that your
combination of electives provides you with a suitable vocational outcome.
If you have completed other relevant training you may be eligible to have
units of competency from previous training counted towards completion for
this course. Talk to your teacher or workplace trainer if you think you
may be eligible for recognition for units previously completed.
Some units in this course may have prerequisites that must be completed in
a lower level qualification or selected as part of this course. Refer to
the Training Package or consult your teacher for information about
prerequisites to elective units.
Additional Note:
The column headed "Seq" in the course structure below is used to ensure the
units are displayed in the correct numerical sequence.  This column has no
relevance to the order of delivery or assessment.

Course Elective Completion:

At least 7 elective modules/units must be completed. These may be chosen from groups 2, 3

All module/units must be completed
Modules/Units Name Hrs National Module(s)
MEM16006A Organise and communicate information 18
MEM16008A Interact with computing technology 18
MSAENV272B Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices 20
All subgroups must be completed
At least 5 and no more than 7 module/units must be completed
No more than 7 module/units may be completed
Modules/Units Name Hrs National Module(s)
MEM05051A Select welding processes 18
MEM09002B Interpret technical drawing 36
MEM09201A Work effectively in an engineering drafting workplace 20
MEM09202A Produce freehand sketches 20
MEM09203A Measure and sketch site information 36
MEM09205A Produce electrical schematic drawings 72
MEM09208A Detail fasteners and locking devices in mechanical drawings 36
MEM09209A Detail bearings, seals and other componentry in mechanical drawings 36
MEM09213A Produce schematic drawings for hydraulic and pneumatic fluid power systems 72
MEM12023A Perform engineering measurements 45
MEM12024A Perform computations 27
MEM13013B Work safely with ionizing radiation 36
MEM15001B Perform basic statistical quality control 18
MEM18001C Use hand tools 18
MEM30005A Calculate force systems within simple beam structures 72
MEM30006A Calculate stresses in simple structures 36
MEM30007A Select common engineering materials 36
MEM30008A Apply basic economic and ergonomic concepts to evaluate engineering applications 36
MEM30009A Contribute to the design of basic mechanical systems 36
MEM30010A Set up basic hydraulic circuits 36
MEM30011A Set up basic pneumatic circuits 36
MEM30012A Apply mathematical techniques in a manufacturing engineering or related environment 36
MEM30013A Assist in the preparation of a basic workplace layout 36
MEM30014A Apply basic just in time systems to the reduction of waste 36
MEM30015A Develop recommendations for basic set up time improvements 36
MEM30016A Assist in the analysis of a supply chain 36
MEM30017A Use basic preventative maintenance techniques and tools 36
MEM30018A Undertake basic process planning 36
MEM30019A Use resource planning software systems in manufacturing 36
MEM30020A Develop and manage a plan for a simple manufacturing related project 36
MEM30021A Prepare a simple production schedule 36
MEM30022A Undertake supervised procurement activities 36
MEM30023A Prepare a simple cost estimate for a manufactured product 36
MEM30024A Participate in quality assurance techniques 36
MEM30025A Analyse a simple electrical system circuit 36
MEM30026A Select and test components for simple electronic switching and timing circuits 36
MEM30027A Prepare basic programs for programmable logic controllers 36
MEM30028A Assist in sales of technical products/systems 36
MEM30031A Operate computer-aided design (CAD) system to produce basic drawing elements 54
MEM30032A Produce basic engineering drawings 72
MEM30033A Use computer-aided design (CAD) to create and display 3-D models 36
MSATCS301A Interpret architectural and engineering design specifications for structural steel detailing 40
MSATCS302A Detail bolts and welds for structural steelwork connections 20
No more than 2 module/units may be completed
Modules/Units Name Hrs National Module(s)
MEM24001B Perform basic penetrant testing 18
MEM24003B Perform basic magnetic particle testing 18
MEM24005B Perform basic eddy current testing 18
No more than 1 module/unit may be completed
Modules/Units Name Hrs National Module(s)
MEM24007B Perform ultrasonic thickness testing 18
MEM24009B Perform basic radiographic testing 18
No more than 2 module/units may be completed
Modules/Units Name Hrs National Module(s)
MSAPMOHS200A Work safely 30
MSAPMSUP100A Apply workplace procedures 10

Requirements to receive the qualification

To achieve MEM30505 Certificate III in Engineering - Technical (TAFE NSW course
9285), learners are required to complete 10 units of competency as follows:
- all 3 core units from Group 1
- a total of 7 elective units, including
- at least 5 units from Group 2
- a further 2 units from Groups 2 and/or 3.

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