Secure cargo

Module/Unit TLIA107C
Program Area Transport and Automotive

Module/Unit Purpose

When you have completed this unit of competency you will have developed the knowledge and skills to read and interpret lashing plans, identify lashing points, select and use appropriate fittings and lashing equipment to lash and unlash cargo, select and use appropriate coverings and lashings to cover and uncover cargo, and to identify, sort, stack and stow cargo, without causing injury to personnel or damage to cargo or equipment, to secure cargo in accordance with industry standards, statutory requirements, safety codes and site operating requirements. On completion, you will be able to perform the following elements which make up the essential outcomes of this unit of competency: 1. Prepare to secure cargo/containers. 2. Lash and unlash cargo. 3. Protect cargo from weather. 4. Pack and unpack cargo.

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