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1 Year


The Certificate IV in Permaculture prepares graduates for careers in project supervision, design or horticulture in urban and rural permaculture worksites.

You will learn advanced permaculture skills at the TAFE NSW National Environment Centre (Thurgoona), a unique training facility that is located on a 180 hectare organically certified working farm.

Use your knowledge and your passion for the environment, self-sustainability and the principles of caring for the earth to create stunning, future proof spaces for generations to come.


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Through theory and practical course work you will learn to:

  • Provide advice on permaculture principles and practices
  • Plan and implement permaculture works
  • Use appropriate technology for permaculture systems
  • Identify and analyse bioregional characteristics and resources


TAFE NSW is known for delivering theory along with practical learning. You will strengthen your practical skills in permaculture, including:

  • Planning and implementing permaculture works
  • Using technology for permaculture systems
  • Analysing bioregional resources


Stand out in a global job market with a range of key professional skills, such as:

  • Good organisation and planning skills
  • Problem solving ability
  • Self-motivation
  • Leadership ability
  • The ability to work collaboratively


Changing consumer preferences are driving global demand for sustainable, convenient and quality produce.

Technological innovations are providing solutions for the industry in responding to changing climate and the reduction in land and water resources. This includes the use of robots and automation, machine learning and big data which enables the collection and analysis of information in controlled environments.


When you study with TAFE NSW, we want you to succeed. Entry requirements allow us to make sure that you have the right pre-existing knowledgeand skills to achieve your chosen qualification. You will need to provide evidence that you meet the requirements listed in this section.

Academic Requirements:
English Language Requirements:
TAFE NSW makes every effort to ensure your Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) needs are met. The level of support you need may be assessed via a review of your LLN skills with written tasks and a one-on-one interview. If you need to strengthen your LLN skills, an individual training plan will be created with you.

To be prepared for this course, it is recommended that you:

  • Enjoy working with people of diverse backgrounds and abilities
  • Can collaborate with teams of people

If you need help preparing for study, contact us about your options.

No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this qualification at the time of publication.


From mountains to oceans, from cities to country towns, international students can choose from a range of courses offered at multiple campus locations across the state. Experience our vibrant spaces such as libraries, cafes and gyms as well as places you can network and socialise.

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LocationsStarting DatesCourse Fees
National Environment Centre (Thurgoona) Feb A$15,100
LocationsStarting DatesCourse Fees
National Environment Centre (Thurgoona) Feb A$15,100


Additional costs for uniforms, equipment, textbooks and materials (if applicable) range from A$300 - $1,000 per course.


You will study the Certificate IV in Permaculture in our specialist training centre - the TAFE NSW National Environment Centre (Thurgoona), an organically certified working farm.

TAFE NSW offers you a range of on campus study environments you will have access to industry specific computer rooms, simulated work places, study and presentation areas as well as general student facilities to enhance your learning and student experience.

Student facilities, amenities and support services include:

  • TAFE NSW Disability Support Service 
  • TAFE NSW Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) support 
  • TAFE NSW Careers, Counselling and Pathways Service 
  • Smarthinking - online access to a tutor


To receive this course students must complete all core units and a range of Additional units. 

Note: Additional units may vary between each semester and campus, and will depend on a number of considerations including the packaging rules for the qualification and demand for the unit at that location. TAFE NSW does not guarantee that speciality units listed will be offered at each location and semester. You will receive your timetable from the teaching section on commencement and speciality units offered will be provided at that time.

  • Packaging Rules To achieve this qualification competency must be demonstrated in
  • 12 units of competency 5 core units plus 7 elective units
  • The electives are to be chosen as follows:
  • Select 1 unit from Group A, select 4 units from Group B, select 2 units from Group B or C or this or any other endorsed Training Package or Accredited course
  • Core Units
  • AHCPER401 Provide advice on permaculture principles and practices
  • AHCPER404 Plan and implement permaculture works
  • AHCPER405 Select appropriate technology for a permaculture system
  • AHCPER406 Identify and analyse bioregional characteristics and resources
  • AHCPER413 Evaluate suitability of species as solutions for permaculture applications
  • AHCPER402 Design a rural permaculture system
  • AHCPER403 Design an urban permaculture system
  • AHCPER307 Establish a rural permaculture system
  • AHCPER308 Establish an urban permaculture system
  • AHCPER402 Design a rural permaculture system
  • AHCPER403 Design an urban permaculture system
  • AHCPER407 Design harvesting and storage systems for permaculture products
  • AHCPER408 Implement and monitor animal health and welfare programs for a permaculture system
  • AHCPER409 Manage a permaculture seed bank
  • AHCPER410 Recommend approaches for sustainable community and bioregional development
  • AHCPER411 Operate within a sustainable community and bioregional development program
  • AHCPER412 Operate within a permaculture aid and development program
  • AHCBUS407 Cost a project
  • AHCBUS408 Operate within a budget framework
  • AHCCCF405 Develop community networks
  • AHCORG402 Manage organic livestock production
  • AHCORG403 Manage organic soil improvement
  • AHCORG404 Arrange selling through community based selling
  • AHCSAW401 Set out conservation earthworks
  • AHCSOL402 Develop a soil use map for a property
  • TAEDEL301 Provide work skill instruction


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TAFE NSW allows for two or more courses to be packaged together, either to meet the prerequisite requirements for a course or to plan your studies around your career goals. You can submit a single TAFE NSW application form and will be able to apply for one Student Visa for the full duration of the package.