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1 Year


The Advanced Diploma of Music Industry (Sound Production) is designed to take your skills, knowledge and experience to a professional level in the global electronic music industry.

With a focus on electronic music production, you will learn music production software, primarily Ableton Live, create your own original music, beats, top-lines, remixes, synthesis, pitch shifting, time warping, filters and effects.

At TAFE NSW we focus on providing you real-world experiences. In this course, you will produce finished recordings that are ready for distribution. This process helps bring your skills and knowledge up to a more professional level in the areas of recording, mixing, artist production, collaboration, microphones and monitors.

Learning music at TAFE NSW is a unique experience. You will study with likeminded people who are as passionate about music and sound production as you are. Continue to build your network of professional contacts while you study, and graduate ready to take yourself to the next level with a range of advanced music industry skills.


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Through theory and practical course work, you will learn:

  • Audio editing and mixing
  • Audio theory and signal path
  • Studio recording
  • Sound design
  • Music creation and arranging using music software
  • Freelance business skills
  • Music copyright


Develop your specialisation in sound production with these real world skills:

  • Operating a recording studio
  • Editing and mixing digital audio
  • Using MIDI control surfaces
  • Creating your own music and the opportunity to produce finished recordings that are ready for distribution
  • Collaborating with other music creators
  • Working on post production projects


Stand out in a global job market by developing a range of key soft skills that equip you with the confidence to work in the creative arts industry with colleagues and clients:

  • A high level of commitment and passion to create music and sound
  • Teamwork and leadership skills
  • Motivation, organisation and professionalism


The global music market is expected to grow 8.5% a year between 2020 and 2025. Key factors driving this growth include:

  • Artists using digital technology to create and release music
  • Recording companies investing more on music artists
  • Growing opportunities for upcoming artists to showcase and present their work to global audiences via online streaming platforms and social media like Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music


When you study with TAFE NSW, we want you to succeed. Entry requirements allow us to make sure that you have the right pre-existing knowledgeand skills to achieve your chosen qualification. You will need to provide evidence that you meet the requirements listed in this section.


  • Diploma of Music Industry (Sound Production)
  • If applicants have not completed the pre-requisite of the Diploma of Music Industry (Sound Production) an audition via phone or Skype is required.
  • If you have successfully completed the pre-requisite of the Diploma of Music Industry (Sound Production) you are NOT required to audition.

English Language Requirements:

TAFE NSW makes every effort to ensure your Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) needs are met. The level of support you require may be assessed via a review of your LLN skills with written tasks and a one-on-one interview. If you need to strengthen your LLN skills, an individual training plan will be created with you.

To be prepared for this course, it is highly recommended that you:

  • Skill and experience with various music software
  • Knowledge of signal path
  • Knowledge of audio theory
  • Knowledge of music copyright
  • An interest in exploring a range of music ideologies and styles
  • Collaboration and teamwork skills

If you need help preparing for study, contact us about your options.

Licensing/Regulatory Information - No licensing or certification requirements apply to this qualification at the time of publication.


From mountains to oceans, from cities to country towns, international students can choose from a range of courses offered at multiple campus locations across the state. Experience our vibrant spaces such as libraries, cafes and gyms as well as places you can network and socialise.

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LocationsStarting DatesCourse Fees
Ultimo Feb , Jul A$11,190
LocationsStarting DatesCourse Fees
Ultimo Feb , Jul A$11,190


Additional costs for uniforms, equipment, textbooks and materials (if applicable) range from A$300 - $1,000 per course.


TAFE NSW offers you a range of study environments to enhance your study experience, including:

  • Industry standard, fully equipped rehearsal spaces
  • Fully equipped recording studios
  • Music production labs
  • Specialty music computer labs
  • Post production studios
  • Listening suites
  • Live venues

Make use of our supply of instruments, studio accessories and programs to keep practising and refining your skills.

Student facilities, amenities and support services include:

  • TAFE NSW Disability Support Service
  • TAFE NSW Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) support
  • TAFE NSW Careers, Counselling and Pathways Service
  • Studiosity - online access to a tutor


To receive this course students must complete all core units and a range of Additional units. 

Note: Additional units may vary between each semester and campus, and will depend on a number of considerations including the packaging rules for the qualification and demand for the unit at that location. TAFE NSW does not guarantee that speciality units listed will be offered at each location and semester. You will receive your timetable from the teaching section on commencement and speciality units offered will be provided at that time.

  • Packaging Rules Total number of units =15
  • 4 core units plus 11 elective units of which 8 units must be selected from the electives listed below with no more than 2 units from Group D
  • 3 units may be selected from the remaining elective or any currently endorsed training package qualification or accredited course at Diploma level or above.
  • This qualification can provide for specialisations. To achieve these specialisations the following additional packaging rules must be adhered to.
  • For specialisation in Performance 6 elective units must be selected from Group A.
  • For specialisation in Composition 6 elective units must be selected from Group A and include a minimum of 4 CUAMCP units.
  • For specialisation in Sound Production 6 elective units must be selected from Group B.
  • For specialisation in Music Business 6 elective units must be selected from Group C.
  • Core Units
  • BSBIPR501 Manage intellectual property to protect and grow business
  • CUAMLT502 Apply concepts of music and society to professional practice
  • CUAPPR505 Establish and maintain safe professional practice
  • CUAPPR603 Engage in the business of creative practice

  • CUAMPF502 Incorporate interactive technology into performance
  • CUAPPM604 Plan and manage film and media post production
  • CUASOU403 Manage audio system control networks
  • CUASOU503 Develop sound designs
  • CUASOU504 Produce sound recordings
  • CUASOU505 Implement sound designs
  • CUASOU506 Create a final sound balance
  • CUASOU507 Compile music for soundtracks
  • CUASOU601 Manage production of sound designs
  • CUASOU602 Manage production of sound recordings


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Plan your study around your life with a TAFE NSW study package. Our study packages allow for multiple courses to be packaged together that can lead you to a TAFE NSW or an Australian University Bachelor Degree with credits. This gives you a one stop shop by completing your applications for the whole package through TAFE NSW allowing you to apply for one student Visa for the full duration of the package.

TAFE NSW allows for two or more courses to be packaged together, either to meet the prerequisite requirements for a course or to plan your studies around your career goals. You can submit a single TAFE NSW application form and will be able to apply for one Student Visa for the full duration of the package.