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  • Facts

    Setting the Record on: Our Enrolments

    There has been a significant increase in TAFE enrolments in 2016.

    20 October 2016

  • Facts

    Setting the Record on: Asset Sales

    Where there is TAFE today, there will be TAFE in the future.

    20 October 2016

  • Facts

    Setting the Record on: Courses

    TAFE NSW is developing and offering new qualifications in more flexible and innovative ways – leading to improved job outcomes for its students.

    20 October 2016

  • Facts

    Setting the Record on: Enrolment Systems

    We've listened to students' and staff concerns that the current student management system does not adequately meet their needs and that's why we are replacing it.

    20 October 2016

  • Going straight to 'L'


    Going straight to 'L'

    TAFE NSW's Goulburn Campus is offering a free mentoring program to help people get their learner driver's permit. And so far it has a 100% success rate.

    14 October 2016

  • Preparing for take off


    Preparing for take off

    With a projected demand of more than 250,000 commercial pilots over the next 20 years, TAFE NSW is already out on the tarmac doing what it does best - listening to industry needs and providing the necessary skills training.

    12 October 2016

  • Worldskills 2016 Hunter tops, but entire state does us proud


    Worldskills 2016 Hunter tops, but entire state does us proud

    TAFE NSW has dominated the 2016 WorldSkills Australia National Competition in Melbourne, claiming a total of 52 medals.

    12 October 2016

  • Graveyard shift


    Graveyard shift

    A TAFE New England community initiative has resulted in the restoration of a local cemetery and the Aboriginal elder who led the project being nominated for a prestigious award.

    11 October 2016

  • A bejewelled career


    A bejewelled career

    A TAFE NSW graduate has established a thriving jewellery-making business in the heart of the Riverina.

    10 October 2016

  • Where the art is


    Where the art is

    A Diploma of Fine Arts TAFE graduate is on the brink of launching her first solo exhibition after a "life changing" decision four years ago to follow her passion.

    07 October 2016

  • Bali High


    Bali High

    Twelve students from Hunter TAFE's Advanced Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Technology course are having garments they designed manufactured in Bali and then displayed for sale in a prominent Newcastle boutique.

    05 October 2016

  • Insider training


    Insider training

    A group of inmates at Kirkconnell Correctional Centre has been selected for a 12-month TAFE-supported engineering traineeship.

    04 October 2016