Making meals with Maggie

TAFE NSW students received a cooking lesson from none other than food-superstar, author and restaurateur, Maggie Beer, this week.

Australia's biggest food-icon visited a number of TAFE NSW locations to share her best kept secrets with aged care cooks and chefs as part of her work with the Maggie Beer Foundation.

"I believe in beautiful food for everyone", Maggie asserted to the Northern Star.

"It's all about giving every single person the chance so every bite of food should give pleasure and nutrition side by side".

Students were more than impressed with the icon's seminar, describing her as "inspiring, engaging and approachable". Maggie appeared to be no stranger to a selfie, happily posing with excited students as her positivity spread like wildfire.

"There's nothing more powerful than positive energy, and when they can deliver meals that are full of the right thing, it has so much to do with the well-being and energy for everyone involved", Maggie conveyed to The Daily Examiner.

Maggie Beer at TAFE

Image credit: The Daily Examiner

As well as learning delicious recipes, methods and nutrition tips from Ms Beer, participants took part in a cooking challenge. This crafty challenge taught students to make food more appealing to the senses by cooking up arousing aromas and presentations to be proud of.

"Something as simple as having a bread maker which gives off a wonderful aroma and making the residents aware of the love which has gone into their meal makes an enormous difference", Maggie said.

Maggie spoke highly of all students, recognising their importance in the future welfare and happiness of elderly residents:

"I know how important they are, and they have the greatest possibility to give pleasure to the residents that they look after.", Maggie told The Daily Examiner.

"The great thing is that the people who are here are interested, and what I hope is they come away with ideas and hints and a comradery to be able to share their successes". 

Needless to say all of our students left feeling uplifted, educated and inspired to make a difference. Big thank you to Maggie Beer for sharing her wisdom with TAFE NSW.


Posted in News on 10 Mar 2017