Setting the Record on: Courses

TAFE NSW is developing and offering new qualifications in more flexible and innovative ways – leading to improved job outcomes for its students.

We adjust our course offerings to match industry needs and our resources are prioritised for high demand courses. This is done in consultation with industry bodies to ensure students receive the most up-to-date and relevant training. Courses may also change to ensure we adhere to changes in national training packages.

With a rapidly changing economy and technological advancements, TAFE NSW adjusts staff and delivery profiles to meet the needs of students and industry. A number of traditional sectors are in decline, and in some sectors, the nature of jobs is changing. This sometimes means withdrawing some courses that are no longer relevant in terms of student demand and industry need.

We are ensuring that our facilities are fit for purpose, our courses meet industry standards and that our training is relevant to what students and employers want.




Posted in Facts on 23 Jun 2017