State MP Completes TAFE NSW Course

Last year, State MP for Tamworth, Kevin Anderson realized he wanted to go back to school. He could've taken a number of different routes but chose to do his studies at TAFE NSW.

When he wasn't busy as the Parliamentary Secretary for Regional Roads, Maritime and Transport he was studying a Certificate II in Maritime Operations. He found TAFE's flexible learning approach really fit for him and his schedule.

"Following positive discussions with Geoff Shelton, Head Teacher for Maritime at Port Macquarie, we were able to design a training plan and timetable so that I could squeeze it all in around my work commitments. I was able to combine distance study with on-campus tutorials and practicals, which was great."

Kevin Anderson

Image credit: Port Macquarie News

"I am a passionate advocate of TAFE in my own electorate of Tamworth, so it was great to link with Port Macquarie and benefit from TAFE's flexibility and professionalism," Anderson told the Port Macquarie News.

Anderson is now a qualified Coxswain but could be looking for more in the future.

"Now that I have finally got my ticket, If the opportunity arises, I can drive a charter boat on my next holiday - and I'm even thinking about doing my Masters 5 (Certificate III in Maritime Operations)."


Posted in News on 18 Apr 2017