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Apprentice chef course now available at TAFE NSW Bathurst

TAFE NSW Bathurst

Apprentice chef course now available at TAFE NSW Bathurst

TAFE NSW is offering budding Bathurst chefs the opportunity to study a nationally accredited apprenticeship course in their local area.

A Certificate III in Commercial Cookery is now been delivered at TAFE NSW Bathurst making it easier for employers and students alike to access quality vocational education.

TAFE NSW Head Teacher of Tourism and Hospitality Dianne Johnson said the course was introduced at TAFE NSW Bathurst, as there is a high demand for training locally with a large number of employers and apprentice chefs in the area.

“It’s great for local employers and apprentices as it means that they don’t need to travel to Orange or Lithgow to complete their training each week,” Ms Johnson said.

“We have a great teacher from Lithgow teaching the course, who also works in the industry. She is across the latest industry standards and skill requirements. Employers can be assured that their apprentices are being taught by the best.”

Head Chef at Piccolo’s on William John Mannion said he was thrilled to see the commercial cookery course being offered at TAFE NSW Bathurst.

“There is a real shortage of people wanting to become chefs and now that the stress and expenses of having to travel 40 minutes to study the course doesn’t need to occur, it is great news for the industry,” Mr Mannion said.

“We have a first year apprentice chef, Lachlan Parsons currently studying the course at TAFE NSW Bathurst and he is thoroughly enjoying learning the hands-on skills required for a rewarding career as a chef.”

Ms Johnson added: “With the NSW Government incentives also available through the JobTrainer program there has never been a better time for employers to consider employing an apprentice.”

For information about the range of commercial cookery and hospitality courses available at TAFE NSW Bathurst visit or phone 131 601.

Media contact: Emma Curtis, TAFE NSW Communications Specialist