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Local patisserie enthusiast fulfills childhood dream with TAFE NSW Australian Patisserie Academy

TAFE NSW Australian Patisserie Academy

Local patisserie enthusiast fulfills childhood dream with TAFE NSW Australian Patisserie Academy

Patisserie student Frederic Canis enjoys learning professional techniques from specialty chefs like the APA's Luigi Stivaletta

A Sydney finance executive has credited the TAFE NSW Australian Patisserie Academy with allowing him to fulfil his lifelong dream of professional patisserie training and reconnecting him with his French roots.

53-year-old Frederic Canis has dreamed of perfecting the art of patisserie since he began working in a bakery in his homeland of France at just twelve years old. Now, he spends his weekends honing his skills by learning from world-leading chefs through artisan short courses and replicating his creations at home. 

“As a teenager, I dreamed of studying at Paris’ leading culinary school and becoming a top pastry chef. It had always remained an unfulfilled dream and the passion was always there,” Frederic said.

“I love learning, I love baking and I love to take my skills to a level of perfection. I’m not interested in just replicating pastries – I’m passionate about creating with artistry and innovation to cultivate the French love of good food.”

After finding the Australian Patisserie Academy in 2020, Frederic said the Academy is his happy place.

“Now I get the opportunity to spend my days off learning from some of the best chefs in the world, from people who have mastered their skills. I remember learning sugar flower techniques from world-renowned chef Emmanuel Lottefier, who is really at the top of his class. Opportunities like that are what makes the Academy fantastic,” he said.

“While I had some professional knowledge, initially I was a little nervous to spend a day with a chef who has spent 30 years doing this for a living. Immediately when entering the patisserie lab, I felt so welcome and respected, as he called each of us students ‘Chef’. The teachers love their jobs, and they are passionate about it, so it’s very exciting to have finally found a place where I can learn from professionals.”

Frederic has completed short courses in floral cake decoration, chocolate tempering and bread decoration, to name a few. He shares his skills with friends and family and on Instagram, @cakebotanica.

Head Teacher and Specialist Chef at the Australian Patisserie Academy, Luigi Stivaletta said their courses are perfect for people who are passionate about building their patisserie skills but have limited time.

“Our courses are designed to give anyone with a love of food the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of patisserie and try their hand at new skills in a professional and supportive environment,” he said.

“Our students range from hobbyists to small business owners and industry professionals, so there is really something for everyone. The common thread is the shared joy of extraordinary patisserie.”

The Australian Patisserie Academy is holding beginner short courses in specialties like cake decorating and croissants throughout September and October. For more information, visit

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