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Students with high ambitions


Students with high ambitions

TAFE NSW Kingscliff and Wollongbar students studying Certificates in Aviation Ground Operations, Cabin Crew, Flight Operations and Cargo got out of the classroom and into a replica airport last week at TAFE NSW Wollongbar with a practical assessment day.

The 50 students in attendance were assessed on a range of tasks including loading freight and baggage safely according to destination, weight and the type of object; rehearsing an emergency evacuation using the inflatable evacuation slide; marshalling an aeroplane while being directed via radio; driving an airside tug; offloading passengers and practising cabin beverage and retail service.

TAFE NSW Aviation Co-ordinator, Julie Logan said it is important that TAFE NSW students are job-ready when they graduate.

“To learn and practice in simulated environments makes a real situation - whether it be a fire or an everyday task in the industry - a less daunting prospect. At TAFE NSW we want our students to have performed these everyday tasks over and over again in an environment that feels realistic so they are familiar with industry best practice upon graduation.”

“TAFE NSW offer a range of aviation study options so that students can complete qualifications from more than one area which allows them to be multi-skilled. Graduates can work in security one day, at the check-in desk or airside the next, this is important when you are applying for aviation jobs in regional areas.”

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