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TAFE NSW graduates meet the rising demand for ethical jewellery


TAFE NSW graduates meet the rising demand for ethical jewellery

With Australians increasingly opting for local, ethically-produced fashion pieces, TAFE NSW is supporting a pipeline of jewellery manufacturing gradutes with the skills to meet the rising demand.


Rachel Sloane is one TAFE NSW graduate who found her calling in the Jewellery Manufacturing industry and is now tapping into the rising demand for ethically-produced materials thanks to her training.


“I joined the jewellery sector because I wanted to share my passion with others and make a career out of something I love. I enjoy coming to work each day designing things that people will appreciate – it’s really rewarding,” said Rachel.


“There is a growing demand for locally-created and ethically-sourced jewellery right now. My Certificate I and II in Jewellery Manufacturing from TAFE NSW has given me the skills tomeet this need.


“My training has also given me the skills to understand a client’s needs and desires - and how to pair design with environmentally sustainable manufacturing methods.”


TAFE NSW’s Jewellery Manufacturing courses give students in-demand skills such as designing, constructing, and fabricating jewellery components as well as participating in environmentally sustainable work practices.


“I’ve had a spike in clients who appreciate high quality, handmade and natural products, with ethically sourced gold and natural gemstones. People are willing to purchase or go into production knowing that their piece of jewellery is sustainable, durable, and made locally,” explains Rachel.


TAFE NSW Head Teacher of Jewellery Gina Kind said TAFE NSW’s jewellery manufacturing courses are designed to give students the skills they need to create products in an ethical way.

“TAFE NSW is supporting a pipeline of highly skilled and passionate professionals to meet a growing demand for jewellery manufacturers in NSW,” Ms Kind said.

“Our courses are designed to give students the skills they need to take a brief, communicate with a client, design and produce jewellery pieces, along with a specific component on sourcing sustainable materials.

”Students like Rachel who enrol in our courses have  great employment opportunities, even before they finish their studies.”

TAFE NSW offers Certificate II and Certificate III in Jewellery Manufacturing at TAFE NSW Enmore for apprentices and non-apprentices, full time or part time.


Media contact: Katrina Trinh, TAFE NSW Communications Specialist, or 02 7920 5000.