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TAFE NSW helped Khaled find his calling 

TAFE NSW helped Khaled find his calling 

After working in the Middle East for nine years in pipeline construction for oil and gas projects, Khaled Mahmud Azad, a Mechanical Engineer by trade originally from Bangladesh, decided to move to Australia with his family in 2017. For the past 18 months, he has struggled to find work in his highly specialised field.

Khaled decided to up-skill and enrolled in a TAFE NSW Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety, and Diploma of Quality Auditing at TAFE NSW St George. Khaled could have studied online with TAFE Digital, but decided to undertake the courses face-to-face, as he wanted to embed himself into his new community. As part of the course, Khaled undertook a number of human resource subjects, which equipped him with the skills required to secure a job in the industry.

Now, Khaled has landed his dream job in his chosen career, working for one of Australia’s largest construction companies as an In-Service Pressure Equipment Inspector specialist performing assessments on boilers, pressure vessels and pressure piping. 

“It was a difficult decision to leave behind our life and come to Australia with nothing and find a job.”

“I am so thankful to TAFE NSW teachers, Jeanette Hagan and Bruce Forrest for providing the guidance they did to equip me with new skills and helped me to secure a job as I struggled to gain employment over the past 18 months. If it weren’t for the interview skills I leant at TAFE NSW, I would have still been an active jobseeker,” Mr Azad said.

After participating in two unsuccessful job interviews, Khaled recognised he needed to amend his interview technique as he was determined to secure a job in his field.

“It wasn’t until Jeanette and Bruce delivered a Managing Staff Performance subject that I had a lightbulb moment. I realised I had been delivering the incorrect responses during my interviews as I just wanted to show off my best skills and qualities.

“I was repeatedly asked tricky interview questions as the HR manager wanted to learn how I handle difficult situations in a positive manner. The responses I was providing didn’t leave an impression that I came out of the difficult situation more equipped to handle situations in the future.

“Through this experience and taking on board what Jeanette and Bruce had taught me, I was able to show myself in a positive light when I was asked tricky questions,” Mr Azad said.

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