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TAFE NSW literacy course unlocks employment doors for growing immigrant population


TAFE NSW literacy course unlocks employment doors for growing immigrant population

The Shoalhaven region has welcomed more than 3,500 newcomers in the last six years, and TAFE NSW student Ruth Martinez’ journey is a testament to the career opportunities available to people with the right skills training.

Ruth enrolled in a fee-free course at TAFE NSW Nowra to supercharge her digital and communication skills paving a road to enhanced employability and personal growth.

Ruth is among a growing segment of the local migrant population, the catalyst for the Multicultural Communities Council of Illawarra’s recently announced proposal to establish the first multicultural hub in Shoalhaven.

The proposed hub will support people in the community across a range of roles helping connect people with employers to support Shoalhaven’s economic growth.

Originally from Chile, Ruth is an example of how workplace skills training can benefit new arrivals in the community seeking employment. She moved to Bomaderry and successfully applied for a casual position as a School Learning Support Officer at Bomaderry Public School.

“My new role involved some tasks that were new to me, and I wasn't very confident in my abilities," Ruth said.

“I had previously worked as a nanny and then as a carer for many years, so I needed to update my computer skills, get used to working as part of a team, and improve my literacy and English language skills.

She contacted TAFE NSW Nowra “and I found exactly what I needed.”

“The Foundation Skills for Your Future course helped me improve the skills I needed for work and strengthened my confidence.”

“I was recently offered a full-time position at the school, and I partly attribute that to the development of my skills and confidence. This career is important to me because by encouraging students at Bomaderry Public School I am helping a new generation and giving back to Australia.”

TAFE NSW Teacher Helen Halliday said the course was perfect for Ruth and people hoping to boost their literacy, digital literacy, and numeracy skills to get ahead in their careers.

“This course is very practical depending on what the student is requiring at that time,” Helen said.

“For Ruth, we looked at some business-related skills including formatting word documents and learning different workplace pronunciation.

“Education is for people of all ages and backgrounds, and TAFE NSW can tailor learning to suit the needs of our students, so they have the support and resources they need to succeed.

“Ruth’s experience is a good example of how improved reading, writing and communication skills can be a real boost for personal and professional development,” Helen said.

Media contact: Adam Wright, TAFE NSW Communications Specialist, mobile 0466 375 552.