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TAFE NSW offers crucial leadership skills

TAFE NSW Liverpool

TAFE NSW offers crucial leadership skills

Picture: TAFE NSW student Adham Charani has landed a job at Hyundai

TAFE NSW will launch a Graduate Certificate in Leadership in response to industry calls for workers with advanced leadership skills.

The pandemic has uncovered emerging leadership skills needs including managing dispersed teams, providing management in online environments, and making business decisions under pressure.

The Graduate Certificate in Leadership will be offered at TAFE NSW Liverpool and deliver high-level academic and practice-based leadership development, equipping managers and graduates with the skills needed to lead a dynamic and high performing team.

According to a TAFE Enterprise Skills and Australian Business Report, almost half of businesses identified management and leadership training as a top area of focus for training investments in 2019.

TAFE NSW student and Technical Liaison Specialist at Hyundai Australia, Adham Charani, (pictured below) said he had gained hands-on skills that will apply to every stage of his career.

“The leadership and management courses at TAFE NSW provide well-rounded, versatile skills that can be applied to any career,” Adham said.

“I’ve now got key skills like academic writing, delivering presentations, managing meetings, as well as advanced skills in communication.

“Particularly in my job, where I look after car dealerships across NSW and WA, these skills have been paramount to the way I work.”

TAFE NSW Head Teacher in Finance, Michelle Dimond, said the course has been tailored to students who had already completed a degree or those in managerial positions looking to upskill.

“The pandemic has revealed the importance of effective leadership and managing teams in transition. It is more important than ever for leaders to be agile, dynamic and responsive to the environment around them,” Ms Dimond said.

“These are skills employers are increasingly looking for, particularly off the back of a global recession where leadership and management have been paramount to a business’ ability to operate.”

To enrol in the Graduate Certificate in Leadership, visit or call 131 601.

Media Contact: Jessica Cortis, Media and Communications Business Partner, 0456 170 211.