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TAFE NSW Padstow opens new Early Learning Centre for AMEP students

TAFE NSW Padstow opens new Early Learning Centre for AMEP students


Moving to a new country and having to learn the language can be a daunting experience, even more so if you have young children and need access to childcare. Not only do you have to navigate the public transport system but often the childcare centre is not close to the study location.

TAFE NSW Padstow is pleased to announce it has a new Early Learning Centre available to refugees and migrants studying the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP).

TAFE NSW Regional General Manager Michael Cullen said, “The Early Learning Centre at TAFE NSW Padstow are part of a minor works project that transformed an existing building into an Early Learning Centre to care for the children of our AMEP students.”

“The new Early Learning Centre will significantly assist refugee and migrant students who are studying English language at TAFE NSW Padstow in the AMEP.

“The most important thing is that parents can commit to their studies knowing that their children are learning and playing in an extremely safe environment.”

Mr Cullen said the project included the installation of a playroom, art space, cot room, new bathroom, and kitchenette.  The room will be filled with lots of stimulating learning and play equipment for the children, and will be staffed by qualified early childhood educators by service provider Gowrie NSW.

“Everyone wins from a project like this. The AMEP students are able to access a range of free English classes and childcare, which helps them learn important skills and helps their families settle into the community.

“TAFE NSW Padstow also provides assistance to our AMEP students giving them the opportunity to consider other courses in areas that interest them. Once they have a good level of English they’re able to enrol in further study, it’s a great opportunity for the students to get the skills they need to gain employment or advance their careers and really settle into life in their community.”

TAFE NSW teachers deliver the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP), which covers language and literacy training, as well as life skills such as how to open a bank account, access healthcare or find a job.

Funded by the Australian Government, TAFE NSW is the main provider of AMEP in NSW, providing up to 510 hours of free English language tuition to eligible migrants and humanitarian entrants to assist them with settlement in Australia.

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Media contact: Teresa Lane, TAFE NSW Media and Communications Business Partner 9796 5476, mobile 0412 773 887