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TAFE NSW is equipping the creative workforce of tomorrow with the skills not only to land a dream job but also to have given one student the opportunity to document aboriginal culture in the local area for years to come. 
While completing a Diploma of Photography at TAFE NSW Wollongong West, Jack Cotterill, an 18-year-old local, was given the opportunity to spend time documenting indigenous elders and their families to learn about the world’s oldest surviving cultures and produce photographs for historical records.

“It’s amazing to be asked to be part of this photography project, to learn and better understand their cultural identities and how these photos represent thousands of years of heritage, language, cultural practices, and spiritual beliefs. I loved it from the very first day”.

“The TAFE NSW training gave me a huge leap forward to my goal career. The connections I made, the support from teachers, and the skills I have gained have all helped me so much.”

“TAFE NSW has helped me. The teachers at TAFE Wollongong West are on another level. They all come from the industry and pass on all the tips and tricks it would take years to pick up on the job.” 

“I thought I loved photography when I was at school, but when I got to TAFE, the teachers’ passion gets to you, and it was great”.

“The experience working on the Indigenous Elder and to help preserve their culture, I feel real pride when I look at the photographs”. Jack said.  

Recent national employment records report that photography skills are one of the most in-demand creative skills across Wollongong. i 
TAFE NSW Photography Teacher Andy Zakeli said that he has never seen such a high demand for skilled professionals working in the creative media industry.

“Employers are crying out for quality trained professionals right now.– there is an incredible boom taking place in the photography and videography sector it’s true anyone can pick up a camera but knowing how to shoot is what sets people like Jack apart,” Andy said.  
“Our hands-on, practical courses at TAFE NSW ensure students can graduate and enter a job with all the skills and confidence an employer is looking for. Some are even launching their own successful business.  
“If you love photography, the courses at TAFE NSW can lead to an incredibly rewarding profession. Look at Jack, helping document and record our local elders for future generations.

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Media contact: Callum Darby-Linfitt, TAFE NSW Communications Specialist, 02 7921 1823