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Top tips to fight fad diets and cultivate resilience in 2020


Top tips to fight fad diets and cultivate resilience in 2020

TAFE NSW Nutrition teacher Sarah Fehlberg (Whitworth)

As the New Year progresses and motivation to stick to those resolutions you made on 1 January starts to wane, personal trainer and TAFE NSW nutrition teacher Sarah Fehlberg (Whitworth) is sharing her top tips to fight fad diets and live your best life in 2020.

According to statistics from, last year 73% of Australians made New Year’s resolutions with self-improvement high on the list[1].

While it can be tempting to sign up for weight loss regimes in the New Year, Sarah says building physical resilience through achievable exercise goals and avoiding stress and burnout is one of the most important things you can do to improve your overall wellbeing.

Sarah is warning resolvers to be wary of fad diets as they look for ways to shed the festive kilos and has some words of wisdom to set you up for a happy, healthy and resilient 2020.

  1. There are no quick fixes!

As with any regime, nothing should be a quick fix. Two weeks going hard at the gym or adhering to a restrictive diet will not give you long lasting results. 

  1. Remember movement equals exercise – in any form

Take simple steps to become more active – walk to work, walk further to the next station, park your car further away, ride a bike, play tennis after work, incorporate daily movement - that doesn’t mean daily high intensity strenuous exercise! Alternating this incidental daily movement alongside your workouts gives your body time to recover while you keep active.

3.     Add instead of delete

Instead of embarking on an extreme diet which removes food groups, why not try to see where you can add nutrients? Consciously adding nutrients into every meal can make us more mindful of making better food choices rather than removing whole food groups which may cause nutrient deficiencies. Eggs on toast for breakfast? Add some greens or some healthy fats - upping the nutrients means upping your energy as well as your health!

4.     Try something new

Do the Barangaroo walk, Bondi to Bronte, Malabar to Maroubra, hike in a national park, get outdoors or go swimming. Being outdoors is great for your mind. Get outside for some grounding and earthing or go for a walk without shoes on; you will sleep better than having sat in front of Netflix all night!

5.     Trust your gut!

Research has demonstrated that a huge proportion of our wellbeing is dictated by the health of our    intestinal flora. Keep your gut health in check by consuming fibre in the form of fresh fruit, vegetables, beans and legumes, and add in some probiotics to help maintain the right balance of these vital microorganisms.

6.     Be ok with doing nothing

If you’re not feeling up to a workout, your body is telling you to stop. You are not being weak or lazy. Tell yourself you are building resilience by resting. It is ok to say no and take a break!

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